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An Ebon Blade guild, an Argent Dawn one (The Faction) or an Ice troll for an event that will happen some time the new year, does depend so far. It would be really nice if some take part in it, it’s a huge event that will take 1 or 2 weeks probably, being some kind of retaking of Zul’drak. If you and your Argent Dawn/Ebon Blade or Ice troll guild want to take part in that, whisper me in WoW (Tarez), send me a letter or write something in this post, thanks!


Ebon Onslaught

Argent Vanguard maybe, they are actually Argent Crusade though, since the Dawn merged into it.

I believe some Troll guilds do have some Ice Trolls in them, like Hand of Zul.


I already have some of the Ice trolls of the HoZ, thanks for the Argent Dawn/Ebon blade guilds. If you know any more, tell me them too! :smiley:


must I say it more?

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Rhukkari Tribe might have some ice trolls. :wink:

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Already participating! :smiley:

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On behalf of the Onslaught. Some more info would be great before we set time aside.


It’s fighting back the Scourge to retake Zul’drak ICly, will take 2 weeks, probably the 13.1-26.1.2020. It will be either RP-PVE or if we can find any guild that is not participating as people on the “living” side for some RP-PVP with emotes. It’s ofc. in Zul’drak and the main base trough the time of all those events will be Drak’tharon. (If you need anything more, just ask! :D)

Ebon Onslaught.

It is the way.


For more information about the Onslaught! They are really quality and friendly roleplayers, you should definitely check them out.


Thanks to you and all the others, i’ve talked to the Horde Glead already now! :smiley:

Few questions!
How will we be aware of such activities?
Will we have ‘camps’ and such to share for casual RP?
Who’s going to DM the events? And how many people will there be per events?
And lastly, what kind of events can we expect?

  1. The only way would be, if atleast one of you is currently in Zul’drak/Grizzly Hills, so that’s quite limited
  2. The camps are Drak’Tharon for everyone and the normal Ebon blade camp you have
  3. Probably a friend or i myself.
  4. It’s just Emotes against made-up NPCs. If we have luck and find a guild that would help as being the Scourge, then it is RP-PvP With emotes and auto attacks as support.

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