Im out! PVP Balance

Dude Blizzard starts working today at 3 PM GET. If there will be balance tuning then probably between 7 PM - midnight.

judging players based on their secondary stats aren’t helping your cause mate you have to see it before you preach it,

I’m in no way super hard core player but i got a certain grasp on how unholy function and right now it feels more like your run of a mill burst spec instead of a minion/dot spec and that goes against unholy’s entire theme and design it should have, that’s why it needs to have wounds nuked away to the grave and clawing shouldn’t be hitting like a soul reaper but be a quality of life spell that allow us to do something when giving chase against enemy players not out right murder them whit 300k clawing shadow.

let me try to explain.
haste reduces ur global cooldown. in case u dont know what that is: global cooldown is the period of time that has to pass until u can press ur next ability after u pressed one. means the more haste u have the faster u can use ur abilitys (also called globals in this regard) one after another. haste also increases the rate of rune generation for uh.

unholy dk doesn not work with low haste as of now regarless the talent-build u play. even with pleague spreader/ebon fever u need to build wounds and spend them with doomburst and festering strikes. the dot alone doesnt do enough obviously.
with 5% ur globals are just way too slow and u will have no pressure. its almost like u play a different specc compared to someone who runs 20% haste in pvp.

mate that’s only one of my many load outs i got, i am currently just talented in to the random bg aoe build, if i were bothered to go shuffle or duel i would swap to bursting and clawing and abom limb over soul reaper, as for the haste issue i do not feel it and for the sudden doom proc i have no issue procing them back to back when bursting thanks to 2 points in goulish frenzy and 2 points in to icy talons whit empowered rune weapon active during the burst.

just check the ladder and u will see none of the top dk’s play low haste. reason for that is the following.

those talent only increase auto-attack speed, not ur haste. so they dont lower ur global cooldown.

that only gives 5% haste. it got nerfed in pvp.

btw that build relies the most on haste since u need the fast globals to pump out ur dmg.

people are whining on the forums about pvp since tbc.

often rightfully for the amount of nonsense that gets posted here.


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Me2 not worth the 12,99 € for this unfunny mess

You forgot that casters should actually have to CAST SPELLS.

Dont worry now that AWC is over they need some time(1month) to analyze and then maybe nerf DH by 3% and Rogue by 2% and call it a day!

Which isn’t possible at the moment.

If yall can stop crying and just reroll dh or rdudu thanks - blizzard HQ

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