Im out! PVP Balance

Been trying to persevere today, being trying to gear up my healer in Blitz but Demon Hunters and Rogues are out of control as is the gross amount of CC. I thought playing my pally would lessen the amount of CC train healers get but its just no fun to be focused and have no control.

Cancelled my sub, theres better PVP games out there.


I’ve been whining on the forum since April 2023 that the CC is out of control and disgusting.
Gameplay is to complex, frustrating and unbalanced.
Nobody cares :smile: :v:


yeah now ive calmed a bit youre right. When i think about it all the years ive played pvp its always been neglected. It just feels especially more so now.

last one out turns off the lights :slight_smile:


Exact same thoughts for me. Cancelled my sub and might come back for War Within as they seem to be taking advice from PvP players for that (I heard Jellybeans has been interviewed for advice on Hunters and more will come). I have honestly never seen a season where things are this broken and there haven’t been ANY tuning patches in over a month.

Main issues for me right now is:

  • DH damage is out of control.
  • Rogues, the amount of damage they do for the control they have is nuts.
  • Arcane mages need to actually be touchable.
  • Cyclone needs to either have duration reduced or a CD put on it.
  • Melee need to have a period of time where they can actually be peeled.
  • CC needs to be lowered. Every single class should not have access to multiple forms of CC.
  • Micro CC needs to be removed.
    • If no changes to CC then you need to do something with DR’s so more CC share the same DR.
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I agree with the issues you listed.

I would like to add:

  • Melee have too many gap closes, stuns, CC breaks.
  • Ranges have too many instant casts to counter the above
  • Healing and healers have too much survivability but have too to counter the above.
  • Button bloat, you only need to play resto shammy to see the issue.
  • Racial Imbalance
  • Stats are boring and this is also a pve problem.
  • New battlegrounds are desperately needed. Epic bgs have barely been pvp for years. Av is just a race and a timer waiting game.
  • Addons are essential, you shouldnt need them to compete. Ban them from pvp.
  • Make mana and resources matter again.
  • TWW hero talents worry me, its more and more modifiers on top of modifiers and procs.
  • Unless you have an MS dont bother.
  • PVP rewards. Vast majority of us are never getting Glad but elite sets and the seasonal mount should also be award just for playing, sure you get it quicker for getting 1800 but im sure people would play a lot more if there were alt methods to achieve it. My thinking behind this is new players need to learn and its an instant turn off if they pick the non meta class/weaker class and are still learning the game and know the items are unobtainable but if they keep playing they will get it eventually. bring back PVP tokens like WSG marks. Most of the rewards are only open to vets really.
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i haven’t bothered to climb rating after the latest nerf to dk playing in rated pvp has been so arsed after all the survival nerfs that have been done to this class.

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don’t worry guys they’re currently reading into feedback as we speak and they will nerf paladin next reset!


I feel you, I had an urge to play frost dk. What a mistake. How could a class and spec that’s naturally meant to be one of the hardest to kill and tanky be so squishy. You would think low mobility would equally tank with high damage. Mobility with high damage would be squish etc etc


Yet frost dk got none of it😂

At least unholy got decent damage, even if they die by just being looked at

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Yeah unholy has damage but doesn’t feel good to play. None of the strikes feel satisfying. I’d rather they moved away from sores and went the way of demo lock summoning ghouls with procs so you can build an army as you dps. Also diseases do naff all. Oh and defile and dnd either need to move with the dk or just removed lol

Don’t really like pet spam in pvp… Clutters the screen!
I do think the dmg should be disease a lot. Rot build was nice. But rot only works if you can survive longer than the enemy, which dk currently cannot…

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Yeah I never thought about pet spam in pvp it’s a nightmare too. Yeah more focus on diseases would make sense. I always thought unholy should lean more into the dark pally theme and have some auras like a necrotic aura. I know there used to be pvp talents like that but they were more of a self aura and naff at 8 years range.

please no. uhdk felt rly good df s2 when clawing shadows hit like a truck.
its been nerfed since but doomburst/clawing build still is viable and satisfifying to me.
all pet dmg like sl s3/s4 is just miserable gameplay.

I guess I was thinking they could remove some buttons by making pets proc on damage. Like garg, apoc, army and all that serve. Certain abilities could trigger a big undead like abom, Lich etc. that would allow dks to focus on strikes and diseases. Mastery could be reworked to increase disease damage no chance to summon a ghoul.

But it seems pets are annoying so maybe focus on diseases and have strikes interact with them.

Arenas/SSR and battlegrounds need to be separated more.

Battlegrounds aren’t fun because the damage is way too high, arenas can drag out because the damage is too low.


-severely prune damage adjusters, modifiers and procs - these are what are causing the pacing issues and the “sudden death” spikes.

-remove idiocy like 2x bladestorm, 2x vanish, 2x charge, 2x of anything, really. All of these “second chances” are detrimental to gameplay. When you blow your ability, you shouldn’t get a second chance.

-keep the gearing system the same.

-turn the weekly PvP quests into dailies. This will make gearing far better, especially later in the season.

-far harsher punishments for leavers and AFKers. I hate losing a SS or a blitz because people leave.

-remove mini-CCs and mini snares.

-do something about forgotten specs such as feral, frost DK, WW, MM (etc), update them to 2024 specs, please.

-nerf demon hunters and evokers.

-reduce the number of hunter and warlock pets. I had -about 10- pets on me earlier, from -1- BM hunter. Ridiculous.

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dude no offense but if you like buttons that are ment to hit hard then your better of playing frost in that regard as unholy should never be about hitting hard whit it’s own spell attack, the theme of unholy has been and always should be about minion damage/rot damage the mistake blizzard did was buffing wounds and clawing shadow it’s degenerate and makes unholy play like any other burst spec and that’s boring as balls when unholy’s niche should be roting or running the enemy down whit the army of the dead

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I dont like that pvp sets are just recolors of raid sets. Bring back real pvp sets!

Too much Cc is not my problem as healer
Its the amount of insta range cc and interrupts that is anoying

There is nothing too outplay there for a causal player, yeah you can possition yourself better or predict a 30y incap and pre def it but thats some awc plays right there

On top of that speccs have so many cap closer and as Disc you stand there with no mobility no real Hps or damage potential thats desides games, you need too rotate your defensive cooldowns eaven when you are not in CC too heal DH damage

As Disc PvP feels like being the one fat Kid on the playground, that have too be in the goal or nobady plays with you and all the others have fun and kicking you the balls in the face laughing at you and flaming Sadge

The game is not balanced

bro u play unholy with 5% haste. u have no clue about how the specc even works and want to tell me what to play.