Im stuck in legion

hello, for many days i have been probing to turn on my main Champion but I can not. I uninstalled the game more than 4 times … I was looking for help with other player but no one can help me if it is possible with some GM pulls my DH from this instation in which I stuck? THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM WITH THE SYSTEM ONLY WITH THE GAME … I lost 8 days of subscription to try to turn my main character…WHEN I TURN ON THE DH BEGINS TO LOAD THE SCREEN AND THEN COMES ERROR … other characters work properly and load into the game… I had a few days off and I could sit at home and play but of course my luck did not allow it.I have only one request, blizzard give me a DH back!

did you try character stuck option to get it unstuck ?

You should send a ticket about it, and as it is your main character, i know nothing give you back time you could spend on it but at least sub time refund.

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