I'm worried about Dynamic Flying in Travel Form

I love dynamic flying, but I want the druid form to still be instant cast.

I don’t care about the balance, I play multiple characters and a Druid is an alt I occasionally play. So, I am happy to accept the loss when it comes to balance.

I just want to thrill of jumping off a cliff as a druid and shapeshifting mid-jump.

It’s too much fun to be removed.


I won’t be pleased either if the insta cast is removed, it’s literally one of the best parts of being a druid. I’ve been so used to instant cast that even after 3 months or so of playing Dragon Isles, I still end up taking 2-3 attempts to mount a dragonriding mount as I’m already trying to fly away before it comes.

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Dont give Blizz ideas…. but fully agree, flight form must be instant.

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They need to add another flight form option, one which is traditional and one which is a dynamic flying.

They’re threatening to take the instant cast away?

Screw dynamic flying. I just want my instant travel form.

They never once said that. The only thing they have said is “dynamic flying for flight form in 11.0” that’s it.

This thread is all speculation and a nod to the devs to ask nicely… Keep it instant cast.

I’m okay with a cast time for dynamic flight if it’s a separate button from the current instant flight form…

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