Imagine if

This issue causes all character data to be deleted!!!

Imagine that, no more level 70s, with your PvP rating, Mythic+ key scores, nothing, all gone!

I wonder what kind of compensation Blizzard would have to give in that situation. Also I can just imagine all the lawsuits coming out of Germany and the Brits throwing out their “Trading & Standards” threats xD

Oh the amount of social media & youtube related entertainment would keep us going for a life time!

Anyway, I doubt the character information has been touched (hopefully). Anyway time to watch a tv-show and make a pork stew!! NOM NOM IN MY TUM TUM!




in my opinion it will change nothing even if that happens
people will start from zero to hero for 10000 more times
look how everyone keep creating new characters all the time and playing wow with all of its problems


It would be awesome
Inflation problem finally solved

True, you’d have people rushing to get back to 70 and farm etc. It’s what drive a lot of people and keep them entertained.

A fresh server!!

Hey Blizzard, release some fresh servers, where none of our progress is saved, achievements wise etc! I’d actually roll on there in a heart beat!

I would just start again. Shrugs

No way i’d ever give retail a second thought if all i had got nuked.

I care for the time i’ve spent since 2006… retail as a whole is very bad.

Just nostalgia and attachment that keeps me coming back to it.


Hell no… I’ve been playing this fine Dwarf Hunter since Cata and I barely have any alts… To delete all the cool things I have gathered with that character to start in a new server? Not in a million years…

Just my 2 cents of course… We don’t have to agree…

That’s perfectly understandable Vomlir :slight_smile:

I have things on this account, which would never be earned again, like items from the late 2000’s blizzcons for example.

But I’d actually enjoy a fresh server, if they did that. I doubt they will … “You think you do, but you don’t!”.

I know they worked on other games, where having a fresh economy etc, really took off.

No more bleyzin time? :frowning:

Years ago it did actually happen that lots of people’s professions were deleted.

I believe it happened because of a server merge.

Blizzard tried to restore what they could, mostly unsuccessfully. And then they apologized.

I remember a massive hiccup with archaeology, I was one of the affected. Can’t remember the details tho, only that I lost a chunk of progress, but I guess it wasn’t a full on catastrophe in the end :smile:

I think if everything got wiped, I’d a) not be very happy, and b) have some trust issues about it happening again. I don’t mind starting over, but I’d rather do it on my terms than because of such a massive failure and lack of respect for player’s time invested.

It’s weird how since the launch of DF this feeling has left me and I don’t care that much anymore. Does not even phase me if I get left behind our raid team and I get benched. I just log off and go play something else.

If that ever happened I would probably quit for good and never come back. If I started over again I would have the fear of it happening again in the future constantly at the back of my mind. Any joy that came from getting a rare mount or transmog drop would be ruined by the fact that it could all get wiped again one day. Imagine all of that combined time farming ICC, Firelands, The Eye, SoO ect over the years for the 1% drops and waking up to see it all gone with the wind…

Yeah, had this feeling every since BFA

That literally will never happen because they got back ups, and back ups upon their back ups, and back ups of those back ups… stored in different places in case one of their database centers go up in flame.

A lot of people stick to WoW due to their collections and accumulated achievements… the vast majority of those people I seriously doubt they’d start from scratch again.

they are way more addicted to it than you think so i think they will start again :rofl:

Maybe the few… but people literally spent their time since WotLK accumulating those achievements and gathering stuff over the past 15 years. No sane person would be willing to start from scratch to an old game, if anything it’d be an incentive to venture onto something else.

i can confirm that we have so many of those that will start again
they are addicted it means even if they dont want to they have to log in again
yes A lot of player will leave for good but A lot will stay