Imbalance and Sadists

Why do you make certain specs completely useless in PVP and other completely overpowered?
I dueled a useless affliction warlock, he gets ONE fear in, and im dead. it is actually impossible to beat as destruction unless he has no idea what he is doing. I get seduction opener (which is by the way nerfed through the ground, who understands why the DR is halved which makes it only useful once) and his felhunter can spell lock any number of times.

His dots is equivalent to level 70 80 90 100 abilities.
Meanwhile I have ONE spell which does the equivalent, chaos bolt, which can be interupted, unlike his spells, and has much longer cast time and is dependent on conflagrate being cast first to be efficient.
conflagrate requires immolate which has a cast time of 1.5 seconds which can also be interupted- making all fire spells useless for 5-10 seconds which is way too long and which guarantees you are dead if he gets in one single silence.

If i meet a rogue as destruction, i simply quit the game, because you can’t do anything, the seduction you get in once, then he use will of the forsaken and kills me within 1.5 seconds, or he just eats the chaos bolt and then kills me in 1.5 seconds.

Additionally the toxicity of the narcissistic psychopathy and sadism of certain people is sickening, which also makes me quit the game.
Why the f are people allowed to spawn camp you for hours, proactively. I thought that was against the terms of service. imagine you’re in healing spec, you got to change gear, and go to respec, to be able to fight this guy. and you can’t spawn, and he can kill 2-3 people alone.

Why the heck do you make warlock PVP about overpowered 80 90 100 spells, dots and using tank form, rather than actual SKILL.
the only place you can use destruction is bloodmoon, where it is the opposite, completely overpowered.

In arena it is usually a balanced experience. If you loose, there is many different things going into it. But you have opportunity to actually make it, if you all manage to play it right, and there are things you can do.
But now, there is nothing you can do. if you are destruction warlock, you will get easily owned by any melee class. The seduction ability is absolutely useless, because it only works ONCE.

They can just gauge or what have you and continue. But destruction warlocks no. No, we dont want them to actually use skill, so we removed all portals, because that would actually make them competitive to the melee classes and we dont want that. we want only one spec to be overpowered and destruction we never know what to do with that, we give them chaos bolt and thats it.
On my healer, i get killed in seconds by one affliction warlock, i cant even heal before im dead, i cant run away or towards him. it is actually impossible.

try to play vs a hunter as destruction, its impossible, you cannot get out one or two spells. because you get constantly interupted. you will die throwing the first chaos bolt. and he can just deterrence, or priests can just disprese it- then youre dead, and look stupid too because all you could do was one spell and he killed you without taking 1 damage. why do you give certain classes insane abilities like that, and others NOTHING in comparison???

The only actual destruction runes is incinerate and chaos bolt, they are from season 1. We use level 25 abilities to fight top level players.

in season 2 and 3 destuction warlock has ZERO runes. They are passive runes, THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN CC ABILITIES ALLOWING FOR PLAY. but instead what we got was “+80 spell power max” thats the feet rune, which does not help to set up the use of incinerate or chaos bolt in any way, it is already too high damage, the question is getting in the spell, not how high the damage is. The other abilityes are similiar “+10% crit” thats the chest rune. there is even TWO RUNES on feet that does the same thing, both just kinda give 2% more damage. which is not the question. bracer rune does nothing but prevent 10% magic damage which is good, but it doesnt do anything active in the world. the waist doesnt do anything, the head rune is very good, gives backlash which is critical to use for detruction (30% haste AFTER using conflagrate- which requires immolate first and two global cooldowns).
So the leg, hand and head rune, is the only runes which has anything to do with destruction. for most classes, they got 1 rune for each spec. priests have been overpowered with druids since phase 1, because they got insane buffs, then got the best staple abilities possible. on lvl 40, paladins got nerfed again because people thought shields was OP on lvl 25, which they obviously were.

Instead what they gave warlocks was a tanking rune, i dont understand why, and they buffed affliction damage into oblivion, so the dots kill you in 2-3 seconds, the silence is overpowered and lasts longer than you will live, so if they get in a silence, which they will because you have to CAST your spells, youre dead, no questions asked. So basically if you see another warlock, you should just shut down your computer and go out of he room and play tennis, because there is nothing you can do now.
You might as well delete the character and make a rogue or something.

WHY cannot warlocks do the exact same thing with the succubus??! thats much harder, and requires alot of skill to time. The portal is much more difficult, requires setup and planning. The teleport requires setup and planning. the CC requires setup and planning.
Where the heck is shadowfury? If afliction warlocks get every best dot from 60-100, why can’t destruction warlocks get more than 1 relevant ability. No one uses the shadowmouth thing it is useless. searing pain is relevant but its a level 16 ability and it requires CASTing spells. Which makes it possible to interupt, which makes it unable to cast fire spells for many seconds, which is enough to kill you, and, which make you unable to do anything except fear. Curse of tongues on you which he didnt do because he sucks, would also make it impossible to win. You already cant cast spells, and if you now try, it will take twice as long, which means you will not be able to cast ONE single spell, during the course of the fight in 1v1.

Mage polymorph can lasts insanely long… but warlocks seduction can only last for about a second. How the F can you use that when soulfire has like 4 seconds cast?
It is IMPOSSIBLE. its like going on tinder, you think youre gonna date, but you meet overpowered sadists who wants to ruin you. it doesnt matter what you do, youre in the wrong group so they will hurt you either way and all you can do is run away.

If you need to get out casts- which you do as destruction because all the actual spells are cast time except the finishers, Why not enable them to get that out, with certain abilities, which usually involve succubus seduction, fear, death coil… on level 60 without DR. and lvl 70 it became useless becuse they only got shadowfury which was very helpful but not enough due to the DR increase (diminishing returns made seduction one use only). then at level 80 they made the portal which was actually the perfect ability. then they got the second portal which was just a worse copy of the first and showed they didnt know what to do with it. They tried to give them this green instant ability to refresh immolate, which was useless except again for affliction.

Destruction warlocks need stuns or other abilities to get out their spells. Im not saying warlocks are bad, they are not, its just always this one spec which always becomes oh lets this become PVE because we dont know how to make CC abilities. well i can come up with some for you, how about a stun with your pet… seduction. The focus instead was to make the succubus pride friendly and they made incibus. but forgot to make the abilites relevant.

The felhunter can use spell lock many times, why cannot the succubus use seduction more than once?? and why does it not work properly. the first time it works, after that it lasts about a second, and then nothing, you click the button and nothing happens, expecting to setup the next shot after the stun, but meanwhile you are dead 1-2 seconds later from 2 ticks of dots and youre silenced so you cant fear either.

the DR on level 60, was more like 10seconds and then DRing 25% to 8 seconds. but now its like 75% DR on each tic which means 10 seconds > 3 seconds > 0 seconds . Why would you do that? Have you seen one guy use this? It dont work. you click the ability and nothing happened. imagine if you play rogue, click overpowered of the forsaken, and nothing happens, how would you have felt. you would feel a loss of control.

But only playing like a retard and being a narcissistic sadist is rewarded. whats the F ing point?! to reward people for being that?

The good thing about narcissists is they have low IQ. which is how you can beat them with skill. but when you reward people for playing a build with requires 0 skill, just click 5 dots and fear once and you win, doesnt matter what the other player do as affliction.
There is no GAME to that. it is already predetermined.

Before you assume my skill is low check the arena rank and pvp rank. I’m arena glad on hunter and warlock, rank 10 in classic.

I believe this is because simply blizz never knew what to do with destruction warlocks after the patch in classic when they introduced DR. the problem was, it only was beneficial for some classes, for destruction warlocks, they no longer worked because they only had one main ability to interact with to setup their spells. Casting fear and howl of terror requires casting time which will be interupted. after that you are usually dead, and now you are definetly dead.

It is been this suffering for every expansion, every expansion you’d get destroyed in BGs and arenas, except one, legion. In legion chaos bolt and the new portal spell got introduced and infernal got lower cooldown and made smaller infernals. That made it possible because it was a second STUN. Shadowfury was also a stun, which is why it worked. but they nerfed that too and gave it cast time, making it again unusable. There was also the ability to not get interupted while you casted and the stamina/Dmg was balanced because they balanced players out when entering PVP.

After legion they removed the portal damage spell (the spell from the legendary staff). which again made destro useless in pvp.

Im out. Its not just about destruction warlocks, but the incessant sadist ganking making normal behaviour in the world impossible is just sickening to me, which is rather an effect of the current culture and society, where criminal behaviour is rewarded, and has nothing to do with the game at all. It’s not just ganking, it’s the way it is done. With the express purpose of undermining the other person, which has the same psychological goal as torture- to remove the other persons will. it is a game, it is ment to be fun. Ganking is okay, but spawn camping a random player for hours? come on.

I just assumed when there were war in real life, people would think, what environment do i want in my sparetime. But I was wrong.

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