Imbalanced faction split in War Mode?

I’ve been leveling as Alliance in War mode here, in Legion content. So far i’ve seen around 5 Alliance players, and 50+ Horde players, wherever I got there is usually 1-4 Horde players and 0 Alliance players. Anyone else noticed this? Is it the War Mode? Or is the layering/sharding/phasing tech from Blizzard not working as intended?

Well yes the sharding is working, but the Horde dominates war-mode here. Why that is the case is a whole other debate.

In BfA this was not a big problem because of the separate zones to level in, but in Shadowlands, or legion… yea.

And I have the opposite problem as a Horde player:
I don’t like Warmode, so I have it off.

Thus, there are barely any horde players, all alliance.
Faction mob tagging becomes real pain in world quests, esp. since I am a warrior

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