Immense lagspikes from time to time

Since 2 weeks orso, maybe longer, I experience immense lagspikes. Where I can move, but most abilities take seconds to response. Portals don’t work till after 5 6 or more seconds. Nog even the chat works. After a few seconds my texts on general chat do pop up and also other players r then responding that experience the same lag spike.
I’ve got it in magetower/portal room in stormwind. But also in visions. Before I nvr had this problem and I haven’t changed anything in my setting or comp lately.
And since other players report this prob as well lately… I know it ain’t a problem on my side.
I can find anything back a out it on the forums. Occasionally reports on different servers, but that’s it.

Anyone knows what the problem is causing it?

Thanks in advance!

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