Immortal healers

What exactly are healers complaining about this expansion? I spent 5min chasing a restoration dracthyr across the battleground and the thing won’t die. Not only they are immortal but also make those around them imortal. Cornered him when he was finally OOM, he dashed at 200% speed or more and kited me around an entire hill in Deepwind Gorge. He ran away, drank, came back to suck the fun out of another group fight. I am more ok with dying from warriors that go through you like a truck, than watching a healer bring at least twice as much value as you can possibly ever hope to be in a battleground.

PS. Should have posted on my shadow priest. That was a situation with her.


I wouldnt think it fair that 1 person could bring down a healer, indeed I would expect a monk heals to wear you down and kill you. Mind you there have been some healers like a holy priest being hit by 3-4 players with cc and seem almost impossible to kill, till they run out of mana.


It was not just me. It was a few people. I was the only one able to keep up with the dracthyr for a while when he started running because of all the engineering stuff I have and whatnot, but that was still not enough.

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You are completely right. Healers have no right to complain. They should be killable 1v1 unfortunaly they are not, even if they play with 100 mistakes. I got myself a healer for the first time ever, a disc priest. I managed to cap a base in AB but suddenly 5 horde pops up and tries to kill me. It was hilarious that all of them stood no chance to kill me as i spammed holy nova to spin the base until my teammates came. Healers should be nerfed a lot. Dampening has to be implemented 50% at all times in bg, rbg and wpvp.


Yeah rn healers are perfect flag defenders in bgs because of how tanky they are. Sometimes i see 3 ppl on a healer not managing to bring them down.


You are kidding so much mate :DD Dw you meet next time guys who purge your Hot’s, kick you out of dome and MC your casts to death. It’s called teamplay

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Nobody wants to play healers, but you cant start any wow activity without healers. Instead of making healing fun or removing healer requirement , blizz decided to make them godtier . Still noone plays em sadly. They figure it out someday, i reckon 10-20 years for blizz to change their approach

It’s a tough one, balance is made around shuffle+3s primarily I expect and damage in content like that with damp is rough

This leads to healers in an uncoordinated, larger setting with 0 dampening and most often co-healers to be unkillable and drag fights hard in BGs

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i always feel bad when playing bgs or epic bgs. cause no matter what i do a healer always brings 2-3 times the value of any dps.

you almost always need at least 2 dps to bring down an average healer. they are worth more than a dps in so many ways.

i feel like my actions have no value cause all the damage i do over 5 gcds or more is neglected by one gcd from the healer


had an rbg in gorge 2 healers were doing 100 million healing each a prevoker/priest xd kinda dumb man


Some maybe need to be brought down a little, but how many times do you see them being able to freecast, needs a bit coordinated cc, people seem to just try dps them down, just doesnt work against geared ones.

Healers used to be first priority, lot peeps try ignore them till finally dps are killed, trouble is make them to easy to kill in a bg then noone will want to play them and understandably so, just like dps its all unbalanced.

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make them unkillable and nobody attacks them.
but i see your point

Most healers aren’t that good. You can easily run them down if you know what you are doing, especially as arms. The moment they start to panic and waste all CDs it’s where you kill them.

I wouldn’t mind if both teams had a similar number of healers. So many times I’ve had 0 healers on my team, up against 2-3 healers. What can you even do? You’re dead within 10 seconds of first contact.

Do away with factions and just mix teams fairly, with an equal number of healers on each team.


They are changing healing in 10.2. Their mana will drain more, which is first glimpse of sanity after 10 years. Mana should matter. Heals should be strong but use LOTS of mana or have high CD. Same should apply for DPS too and especially for mongo melees and retard Hunters.

So healing will get harder soon. Tanks should require tanking too and pressing abilities that aren’t infinite either.


their mana already getting nerf hard to the ground next patch in 10.2

Hm, damp in Bags. Interesting idea :grin:

If you give people the opportunity to kill 1v1 healers, no one will play with them, and the situation with BG will be even worse than now.
The main problem with pvp is the wild amount of damage, and short/aoe cc that everyone has. In fact, the problem is more with damage, if you reduce its amount for everyone, short cc will not allow you to kill in a random two-second stun and all cooldowns will be used more thoughtfully in general.


Overall pvp balance imo is worst then ever was. Some dps classes are verry op , others total trash most of the healers verry hard to kill and tanks ofc are useless in pvp (few exceptions like flag carry and drek tanking) especially arenas. This actualy was like this since TBC as I see it, that is why the majority of the players don’t pvp . I know the game is focused on pve but still in 20 years blizzard pvp dev team did …

Blizzard does not design game from PvP perspective thats why all PvPers quit. They focus on graphics, raid and dungeon mechanics. Everything else rots. I don’t even enjoy servers anymore because they killed them too.