[ Important? ] Building a better AD

are you okay buddy


You mean like making sure the games they play are age appropriate? For example WoW that is 12+, so obviously it´s fine for their 12+ kids to play it?


W h a t ?

I can completely agree up to this point. Parents should tell their children that “hey, there are weird people on the internet, don’t pay attention to them. They have nothing good in mind, ok?”.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is where you lost my support.

So essentially what you’re saying is if a parent lets their 12 year old play a game that is rated PEGI 12, it’s the parents fault for other people using that media to do weird stuff. Did I get that right?

If so:

who hurt you?

I wish we knew how many this was.

Very cool high horse post.

I do have that experience though and the way how Blizzard is handling the support tickets coming from a roleplay realm for roleplay specific problems is atrocious.

What exactly is stopping them having one or two gamemasters just for roleplay realm specific issues?

Oh right. Nothing other than greed. Which they can be very well criticized for.

Same for one gamemaster stating “nothing we can do” and another stating “yea, report it” is also very bad. So I don’t know what your post is about other than high horsery.

Regardless, I think the info given is fair enough. AND it’s an incentive that, if people want change, rather than just kvetching about it, something can be DONE about it. Be the change we want to see.
Heck, that’s basically the thread title, isn’t it?

Can you imagine handling all the issues on this realm just by yourself or with a single other person for it? I’m all for keeping our precious realm clean but man I’d lose my hairline :joy:

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I think it would be really easy if problems ever actually got solved. Most of the issues are just years old festering nothings


Yeah that is fair enough.

I mean eh…

Swooping in to GS to ban every profile with any sexual words in them would take an hour tops. Words would spread very quickly that they actively ban inappropriate profiles.

Roleplay drama would not be included, they would just exist to ban inappropriate behavior (such as trolling etc).

If we do include rp drama: give those GMs a golden Bobby yacht.

foolish is an understatement

you forget that RPers also do content

twiluna-tier post ngl

I would stop playing the game


Alright, fair enough, would be pretty dumb, sorry I ever brought it up.

With that being said, I would love a RP mode for all instances that automatically clears them of all mobs and lets you enter each of them in a group of up to 40 even when it’s just a dungeon. Would be neat for events.


or even better, they could remove the wacky kick timer thing that’s on the open world versions of the wet nerd temple and the druid emo dungeon and a few other places.


What are these places actually called?

Having an RP mode for dungeons that increases capacity and gets rid of mobs would be cool though.
Do some things in Mechagon or Waycrest.


don’t put me on the spot like that man i don’t know i forgot

it’s the nightmare dungeon in valsharah and the tidesage dungeon in stormsong


This one they really went overboard with it too, since I’ve been kicked on the flight-path leading to sometimes. The area is bigger than the actual dungeon-zone(for no valid reason) and only like 2-3 seconds of reaction time.

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In recent times I’ve been really pained with wanting to do RP in Scholomance / Stratholme inter-faction and with more than 5 human beings but alas

I know there’s a way to get into uninstanced strath but I’m no CHEAT


It is something we all want. I personally would love to have Waycrest capacity increased. It’d make an awesome RP area especially around Hallows End.

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