[ Important? ] Building a better AD

Man every time I see you post it is something weird / outraged like this. Why don’t you just type out your complaint plainly instead of this vagueposting stuff. If you’ve had some bad experience you can even link me screenshots of that (though ideally in a thread related to the Rotgarde)

To reply to the question I think you’re mistaken - the Rotgarde don’t even hang around in Orgrimmar in any sense given that they are exiled / wanted criminals as a Banshee loyalist group. If you’ve only heard negatively then I’m thinking just as with anything else that is coloured by the people you’re surrounded with

I think it would be cool if they contributed to the feeling alive thing if they think it’s positive, but the OOCer issue isn’t really the topic of this thread

Don’t agree with this one at all. Do you RP around Stormwind/Orgrimmar at all? It’s sadly pretty common in big hubs

To be honest I do think that a built-in lightweight version of TRP would be cool. I see a lot of OOC people using flag addons because adding a note / extra name / whatever to your character can be appealing even if you don’t RP so I don’t think it would be super exclusive (though also I think that will never happen)

In my experience it isn’t so hard right now to jump in to RP even without an addon / knowledge etc if the people you’re RPing with react reasonably to you being a new roleplayer and are willing to bear with you. People should be doing this but of course it can be hit and miss

I’d say 50 / 50 really on this one. I don’t care that much if someone has a name that is technically against the naming policy but otherwise harmless - ie. the famous trend of word names like Valorous, Fearless, Dauntless etc etc around WoD . Think it’s a case of if a name is in bad faith - like there is a big different between seeing John the Bold (Character name: Bold) and Pvpqtx (Character name: Pvpqtx)

Does that make sense?

I think a pop-up warning like you get on Full realms saying “This is an RP realm, you should be in that mindset if you play here or at least not disrupt the events etc” would be fine, a one second click window isn’t going to break the camel’s back

Re. RP addons are there even any beyond TRP3 and Listener? I used to RP with neither when I started but I agree that you basically need the former in many cases now (and the latter if you’re at busy events / campaigns)

No, not really. It’s more like creative writing / a dumbed down DnD kind of deal I’d say. You don’t want to get into the mindset that you = your RP character

I think posting buzzwords like muh gatekeeping etc is pretty tired and doesn’t really make a point. This isn’t Twitter.com so you don’t need to sling those out IMO

In terms of gatekeeping - yeah, I’d absolutely love to lock the gate on people ERPing in public / griefing RP. I think it’s pretty absurd to say otherwise


One would have thought that trying to RP as much as possible in the open - yes, basically like a street comedian, exactly - so that others actually see your RP and some perhaps join it later would be rather obvious, because otherwise you don’t get enough new blood coming and the whole deal declines.

But it is just easier to strike poses and blame people who don’t RP for all sins, call them all kinds of names, then pat each other on the back for standing up for the cause in these forum threads, so that’s what is happening.

From my perspective of a player who doesn’t look for RP, I see almost no RP going on, comparably. The realm is 99% similar to non-RP realms if you just play normally. I said as much a couple of weeks ago on the forums and the response was - “wow, how could you be so blind, you should have looked in all those well-known places where people RP” with the Cathedral square in SW being the only mention.

I thought, fine, the amount of RP you meet while playing normally without looking for it is pretty miniscule, but maybe it hides, fair enough. And since then I tried going to the Cathedral square and in general fly around all quarters of all cities and hubs to see what’s what. Sum total of doing this for a week - yes, there is some RP on the Cathedral square almost every day, other quarters of SW are much less lively, there is next to nothing in Org, all other hubs are dead. RP in the world - well, you might get lucky, eg, in Duskwood, but mostly you won’t be. The 99% figure of the realm feeling the same as non-RP realms stands with the single exception of “yeah, there might be something in SW”.

But most of all, why would I even be looking in these nooks and crannies? Isn’t it in the interests of RP people for me to see what they are doing? So that maybe I get interested and maybe help in some way later? Or join their guild? Speaking about the general “me”, the non-RP player, of course, not the specific me posting. Nooooo, it’s simpler to keep yapping about the evil, evil OOCers and whatnot.

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I take it you still haven´t found secret, mysterious place called Cathedral Square.
It´s right next to forbidden RP area of Lion´s Rest, lost to humanity since Medieval era.

I did and mentioned it in my post two sentences from the one you quoted.

Which means you found RP.
Truly the Schliemann of our time.

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  1. Rotgarde is not even in Orgrimmar, they have not been for a long time now.

  2. The rotgarde harrasment rumors is because people dont like being told not to break the ToS.

Don’t engage with that thing, it’s just a waste of time.


Do you legit believe everything you “hear” without any evidence presented? If there was evidence I will say ok, nice. If you only “heard it” it’s pretty useless.

Pure PvE realms do too.

… What? Are you new on AD or do you only casually roleplay 1 time in 6 months?
The amount of lustful 15+ I’ve seen daily is out of this world.

Oh no. You need to invest 5 seconds to download an addon, put a RP name into that profile and then maybe read the major rules of roleplay. Which boils down to “stay in character and don’t use xD”. Is 15 minutes at max really that much of a time investment? If so, I am worried for the intelligence of the average player.

For me they don’t, if the person is roleplaying.

5 seconds to install an addon. 1 minutes to read what the addon does. Yes… If that is considered difficult then I really do not know what to say.

Ah yes, the player with the mammoth, the tauren toy spaming the N word while writing “Xd” is completely in character. I see.

This has to be bait, it just has to be. There is no way you mean this.

Ok, let me put it in simple language:

If installing addon is hard
Please think of doing elementary school again.

Thank you.


So I get to pay Blizzard a monthly fee while also doing their job for them? Not only should parents be mindful of what their kids get up to on the internet they should also be mindful of all the pseudo moralism going on in this thread

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are you okay buddy


You mean like making sure the games they play are age appropriate? For example WoW that is 12+, so obviously it´s fine for their 12+ kids to play it?


W h a t ?

I can completely agree up to this point. Parents should tell their children that “hey, there are weird people on the internet, don’t pay attention to them. They have nothing good in mind, ok?”.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is where you lost my support.

So essentially what you’re saying is if a parent lets their 12 year old play a game that is rated PEGI 12, it’s the parents fault for other people using that media to do weird stuff. Did I get that right?

If so:

who hurt you?

I wish we knew how many this was.

Very cool high horse post.

I do have that experience though and the way how Blizzard is handling the support tickets coming from a roleplay realm for roleplay specific problems is atrocious.

What exactly is stopping them having one or two gamemasters just for roleplay realm specific issues?

Oh right. Nothing other than greed. Which they can be very well criticized for.

Same for one gamemaster stating “nothing we can do” and another stating “yea, report it” is also very bad. So I don’t know what your post is about other than high horsery.

Regardless, I think the info given is fair enough. AND it’s an incentive that, if people want change, rather than just kvetching about it, something can be DONE about it. Be the change we want to see.
Heck, that’s basically the thread title, isn’t it?

Can you imagine handling all the issues on this realm just by yourself or with a single other person for it? I’m all for keeping our precious realm clean but man I’d lose my hairline :joy:

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I think it would be really easy if problems ever actually got solved. Most of the issues are just years old festering nothings


Yeah that is fair enough.

I mean eh…

Swooping in to GS to ban every profile with any sexual words in them would take an hour tops. Words would spread very quickly that they actively ban inappropriate profiles.

Roleplay drama would not be included, they would just exist to ban inappropriate behavior (such as trolling etc).

If we do include rp drama: give those GMs a golden Bobby yacht.

foolish is an understatement

you forget that RPers also do content

twiluna-tier post ngl

I would stop playing the game