Important FPS drop since patch today [PC]

Hi, after yesterday’s patch (9.0.5) I had no FPS issues, this morning a new patch ( x64) came out and I went from around 100fps to 10fps. I’ve followed all steps to reset my interface with no difference.
Lowering graphics quality from 7 (recommended) to 1 got my fps back up to 18-20fps

This is on a PC running windows 10
Intel I7
16gb ram
nvidia RTX2060 graphics card

I ran dxdiag and msinfo32 but don’t know where to upload the files… hanging on to them in case you need them

thanks for your help :slight_smile:


I have noticed FPS drops after the patch as well on PC.

64g ram
nvidia 1080ti

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I have exactly the same issue. Some locations make my FPS drop from stable 60 to 20~. Have problems with fea convenant location, Spires of Ascension and sligty with Oribos. Also on my second, much better PC, there is same issue. But there FPS drops from 120 to 40~50 which is still decent and playable. Also changing settings to lowest do nothing. I’m standing right now in Oribos and I feel like my whole PC is lagging. Same with all addons on and off.


I had the same issue. I left game for ~2 minutes and it got back to normal 100fps. I think there are a few addons that seem to need to get updated any time new patch is installed. I blame TSM as main offender for that. I hope for you it is only caused by adddons.

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I removed all addons and reset interface as instructed by blizz… had absolutely no improvement.
I messed around with the graphics settings this morning and found that by disabling MSAA and using directx11 got me from 15fps back up to 34fps. Other settings haven’t been significant.

PC user here, got framerate drop by 20-30 frames per second as well, running an i5-8400 and gtx 1660 super (with factory overclock). Setting my graphics options again helped a little bit but its still a massive drop.

i am on pc and i am op of this thread and i have shown screenshots of same spot in game 2 different characters. 1 being necrolord aka my warlock who has fps problems in that zone since patch and my druid who isnt necrolord on same spot having like 40 fps higher with as it used to be before patch for all. So assuming even after screenshots that its my side problem even tho i stated i checked with and without addons, in title and in text. Something messed up in game on your side in patch. Not our side.

this is the title of this thread

“PC Fps being lower by 20-30 after 9.0.5 (no addons used)”

Win10 Pro last version.
Gtx 1060 6gb
I7 9700k
DDR4 16gb 2x8 3200Mhz
nvidia driver updated, troubleshooting done, scan and repair done, nothing works.
Spires: 55fps
SD: lost 15/20

AMD Ryzen 3 3200U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx, 2600 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

Windows 10 Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363

8.00 GB RAM. DDR4.

Fresh install of Windows 10.

The issue still persists. I noticed that the FPS dropped for me mainly in Ardenweald. From stable 60 - 80 to 40 - 50. The rest of the Shadowlands zones are OK, didn’t check any M+ yet.

i5 4670
GeForce 1050 Ti


just enter spires alone and check mate…
Nothing changed, nothing was fixed.
Outside of spires in the courtyard i have 140 fps+, when i enter spires, down to 55fps.
Win10 updated, drivers updated, cpu/gpu power managment set to max performance, no background software running, no antivirus.

Garden of Repose is where the FPS drop heavily, at least for me anyway.


Same… nothing changed.

One thing i’ve noticed is that in Bastion when I look at these anima flow beams in the sky my fps drops. If I look from a top down view towards the ground I get 60 FPS again.

As I’ve said already, Blizzard made some undocumented changes to graphics (like adding more particle density to stuff), I can almost swear my life on it, but they don’t seem to act on it and revert the change.

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Blues please pay attention to this, it’s not fixed, something changed with the patch, there is an overall fps loss, and in some places it’s unplayable, i can’t lv up my Spires M+ with 55fps, SD also took a big hit, but not as bad.
Please unfix what wasn’t broken in the first place.

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Same issue here since last patch. I have old gpu r7 260x but before patch I was playing just fine at 60fps (lower graphic settings). Now some areas like spires of ascension are unplayable for me. Upgrading card at this moment is not an option because in my country the cheapest 1650 super currently costs 500euro… Why would you mess with the graphics considering what is going on with the gpu market right now ? I don’t get it.

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It’s a regression in their code, a bug, something not intended to happen. They will fix it just like they have similar bugs pretty much every major patch.

Yeah the particle setting is very costly now.
From Fair to Ultra is a loss of ~30 FPS for me with a 2070 Super.

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Turns out my windows update auto-update feature was disabled and I was many updates late. Got the latest update (20h2) and now the game runs smooth as butter (went back to recommended settings -> 7 and directX12).

yeah i got the 20h2 today, nothing changed…

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