Important FPS drop since patch today [PC]

Use a local account instead of signing in(online).

What do you mean by local account instead of signing in ?

Also I did my windows updates as well and it’s the same. I even turned particle settings from low to zero and still the same. And I’ve also noticed a bit of latency too starting today despite my internet being fine everywhere else, I’m not sure what’s happening since this patch hit.

A local account is an offline account. The standard way is to sign in with a Windows account which is bound to your MB. Machine learning tends to mess everything up.

just did that, doesnt work. but thank you

Can confirm im also having this issue since the patch on PC. Had to suffer through a spires key with 15 fps after not knowing it was going to happen. Please fix this and dont wait until monday.

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If they chose to fix it Monday I’d be happy. I’m worried they won’t even give 2 cents about this even though it was a deliberate change…

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Bastion and particularly Spires is horrible after the last patch. Also smaller drops in Ardenweald.

I limited my game time alot cause it even makes me nauseous.

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Gtx 980TI (still waiting for my 3000 series).

Blizzard fix this please, this is horrible…

Removed addons > No change
Removed cache folder > No change
Tried to scan and repair got some weird error “something went wrong try again” Got annoyed of trying and downloaded the game again and tried it with a fresh installation… No Change !!
Upon entering Spires of Ascencion > Horrible frame drops which makes me nauseous when looking to long at it… Sure i already knew something changed but this definitely proves it.

Logged in on my warlock alt in the heart of the forest covenant and also here very annoying frame drops.

Please fix this and at least acknowledge this thread where you have send us to after changing a pc thread to a mac thread…
Together with losing trade chat in your covenant area it seems you made a lot of changes which where not in the patch notes.


It’s already Saturday morning, and it’s ridiculous how the Blue hijacked the original post “PC” by changing it to “MAC”, redirected us to the wrong post(pixelated bug post) and doesn’t even check this one.
guess this is the end of wow for me, im forced out of the game because of bad coding.

btw Sanguine depths i had 1%lows 80fps, now 80 is the max i can reach.

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I made 2 screenshots as I was questing right now in Bastion.

They’re both from the exact same spot, just different angles. Remove the spaces, because I can’t post the links since Trust level is not high enough. Notice the difference in FPS:

ibb. co/48hnLd y -> here 60

Now with just a different angle:

ibb. co/7pXrZL C -> here ~30

Both screenshots use the exact same settings, they’re made in a timespan of a few seconds. This issue is present in a lot of spots, not just here.

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In Beta Bastion had a bug where the FPS would drop a lot if you looked north/ish because something at the northern part of the map would always be rendering. They could have reintroduced something similar as like Spires drop FPS when looking at specific directions.

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if they messed with View Frustum Culling it’s just a big dev fail. /slowlyclapshishands

go to the left side of oribos bank(little corridor between the bank itself and the wall), face the guild bank, 170fps 1 step forward 85fps.
“Glad this is an Indie company, imagine if these things happened to a Fortune500 company.”

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Lol, that 1 step forward dropping 80 fps is ridiculous :joy:

I hope they fix their stuff soon and not just shrug it off.


this is getting out of hand, you just need to tilt the angle a bit, and they stay hovering those values at those camera angles, those are not spikes.

It’s quite fun how the FPS can vary so much:

If I get some time I’ll try to use Nsight/Radeon GPU Profiler on my weaker test system to see if the GPU is hammered with some sort of excess work. In Oribos it looked like the GPU was 100% when on low FPS and 60-70% when on high FPS.

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Warlock is necrolord and has alot lower fps in whole maldraxxus than my druid who is venthyr. i noticed as soon as any anima conductor is on screen fps drops like crazy since patch. This was tested with and without addons. On pc

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I also have signs of an FPS drop since patch, it’s like the frames are constantly flickering when it was perfectly smooth before the patch. Never had problems with frame rate before the patch.


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Worst hit @ Spires of Ascension where even on minimal scaling FPS are crippled even though the game basically looks like minecraft

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Activating the anima conductor definatly has something to do with it.
I noticed the same difference in Bastion with and whitout the conductor activated.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650. I updated my Nvidia driver, scanned game from launcher, and disabled all addons yet I still have this weird choppiness in game. My gaming laptop has always played WoW perfectly smooth until this latest patch, and I’m pretty sure the problem started after one of the “hotfixes” after 9.05.

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