Impossible to win with survival hunter (pvp)

Survival is not able to survive anything, anymore.

State of survival hunter is below any other dps class in pvp.

Against melees we dont have pressure, cause the most have ultimate selfheal, or a huge armor.
Actually I do 70k dps to a mage, and 35k to a warrior, who has a lot of absorb, heal, dmg reduction, etc.
And for that they have to push mortal strike only to do 200k dmg. Nice.

For uh hey have to spam Death Strike and get a kill and a heal, maybe push the Abo Limb to i have no chance to escape between two slows.

We were destroyed and didnt get anything in new season.

In 1v1 we have zero chance.

It makes me sad and I doesnt feel the game fun. :frowning:

I’m quite enjoying SV Hunter in PvP. :slight_smile:

One issue is that people who are new to the spec, play it incorrectly thinking “it’s a melee spec”. As well as not using utility and defensives correctly.

Once you learn SV Hunter though, it feels incredible in PvP.

As Taigertraps linked, Bicmex is a great starting place with his “SV Hunter PvP guide”. It goes very in depth, and is very beginner friendly in his way of explaining. :slight_smile:

Yeah but Bicmex is next-level SV. Not sure anyone comes close to him.

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