Improve Visuals

Hey Blizzard,

Can you please do this:

  1. (Healing Rain) Enchance the blue color with a 1000%. Then make a nice neat little light barrier aura around the circle so people actually can understand where the healing rain is located.
  2. (Earthen Wall Totem) Yeah idk what to say… Just rework the visuals. NO ONE can see that in combat, NO one. Reshape the whole concept of the visual).

Please do this before Dragonflight, thank you. it’s been 10 years comon…


And 3. give us a free pair of glasses :slight_smile:

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I think lightning bolt and ascendance should be added to the list of better visuals

With Ascendance Id much prefer to actually take the form of an actual elemental or get some sort of elemental armor effect instead of the weird looking thing that is currently in game.


I despise that hideous Ascendance model so much that I refuse to spec or use that ability what so ever in any scenario.


I totally agree on this aswell!

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