Impudent needer Raenaya

Hello everyone.
Today around 2-3 am. server time in Stratholme UD we dropped [Crimson Felt Hat] 4 ppl click “Greed” and Holy Paladin Raenaya 60 lvl click “Need” already got equipped [Zulian Headdress] . Then i ask him, “Why you need it ?” he answere “For dps” then i told “What dps ? i need it for enchanting but i dont use “Need” button” then he told “Buy mats on AH if u need for enchanting”…
When I wrote about it in a chat, an officer of his guild wrote to me saying “Why are you crying like a baby” then I explained the situation to him and asked him to kick Reanaya from the guild to which he replied that Reanaya did everything right and that I did not write in the chat about his guildmembers. And started convincing me that Rethribution Paladins wear Crimson Felt Hat also started writing their guildmambers and others and convincing that this is normal for Rethribution and Proto Paladins …
My first character was Rethribution Paladin back in the days of Burning Crusade then I played both Rethribution and Proto Paladin on the Wrath of the Lich King also I helped a friend lvling and learn to play as Proto Paladin on Classic. So I know almost everything about this class and I can say with confidence that Rethribution and Proto Paladin in no case wears Cloth, and for them the most important attribute is Strength and Stamina. Also Paladin can equip anthing in WoW so Need an unnecessary Item it is called “Ninja”.
All this could have been avoided if he had simply apologized and not started sending me to the auction and inventing the reasons why he needed this Hat. I immediately realized that he would need anything he wanted and left the group.
And I didn’t like that the officers and members of the De Dorstige Leeuw guild didn’t start solving the issue but just convinced me that it was the right thing to do and came up with various excuses and called me a crying baby and intimidated me with complaints about my character.
I have screenshot and can show.
Thank you all for your attention, be honest while playing WoW.
Be careful and ignore such people.

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