In Development: Fractures in Time

In Development: Fractures in Time

While adventurers breach Neltharion’s secret laboratory in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, the next content update is making its way onto the PTR, including a whole new specialization for dracthyr Evokers, a new mega-dungeon, and much more.

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Nice, the Infinite are really interesting. I like how huge Galakrond is in the pic.
Shouldn’t this have been a main patch instead though?

Can’t wait to have a Lightforged Draenei Warlock to go with my Tauren Rogue.

Also “Kalimdor Grand Prix” Dragonriding in old world confirmed?


Honestly, even though I’m not a warlock player I’m super happy to see Blizzard keeping their promise of lifting racial restrictions to classes. I might even dust off a long forgotten alt to get the new pet customization options.

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Man, I really hope that they’ll have a look at the survival hunter talent trees as well. Some of the talents makes no sense.

I’m hoping they do add some lore to why these races are getting warlocks. And perhaps even a bit of insight in what the remnants of the Legion are up to. Hopefully the questlines will indeed answer some of that.

Also wondering if they’ll be updating the Galakrond skeleton in real Northrend as well, or if it’ll just be in that dungeon.

Interesting to see they are indeed doing Evil Chromie.

I said “No!” out loud, seeing Infinite Tyr. Really hope that’s not his final end, like how Ra went out corrupted. I actually want his return to be long-term and come with some answers.

Interesting to see them do the Dawn of the Infinites as a minipatch. But I did wonder how they were going to squeeze in that storyline with all that’s going on. So I guess it makes sense.


No new PvP BG :confused: No worth playing.

At the very least for lightforged draenei warlock.


Honestly; this isn’t ‘doing it’ for me.
I guess I’ll be taking a break a month from now all through summer.

I don’t really care about the dungeon. It’ll be mythic only, which means it’s dead content for me. Blizzard keep spitting on non-mythic players with decisions like that.
I’m not liking Blizzard’s idea of ‘public events’. I DEFINITELY have zero interest in a dragonriding event. And I don’t want to play a warlock.

So… Yeah. That leaves ‘new questline’, sure okay cool.
Oh, and ‘dailies’ which they call ‘whelp daycare’. I’m sorry… But no. I’m not playing this game to do daycare nonsense; that sounds SO insulting towards world content players.

I’ve not really been into 10.1 either.
DF is starting to falter for me. It’s a shame.


It feels so nice seeing frequent content patches.
But I would like to see a new PvP Battleground one day. Maybe even a Epic Battleground or a revamp of a current Epic Battleground like Alterac Valley with updated textures and a few tweaks.

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Augmentation? Buff my allies? Like a… a bard type spec? :pleading_face:

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Is this the first ever support spec in the game ?

What part of the game do you enjoy then?

So does the Kalimdor Grand Prix means we’ll have dragonriding in Kalimdor?


Finally! Was curious about the Evoker spec and Dungeon! Looking foward to it!

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Oh no… this new spec is gonna break the game…
There are only 2 possibilities. Either it is a damage gain to have one and they become required everywhere or they aren’t and they will be passed everywhere. This is such a big mistake… couldn’t we just have had a new tank spec? Sigh…

Warlock for every race including Kaldorei and (Lightforged) Draenei?
IS this an out of season april fools joke?


Mostly world content and questing.
But it has to feel worth doing. At the moment, for me, it doesn’t.

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Ah come on, just make a Bard class instead and let the augmentation spec be Tank.

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So if warlocks are expanding to all races, will we finally get demonhunter on void/nightborne??