In Development: Seeds of Renewal

All the gentlemen who insisted that DF’s ending has no content, please, raise you hand.

BFA TimeWalking and soloable BFA content are required, not lizard riding everywhere…
Classic flying >>> new flying.

I hope AI NPCs dungeons on DF normal dungeons are only the start. They should also add AI NPCs to previous expansions’ dungeons and previous patches (and expansions) LFR. Combined with the Timewalking system to decrease the player level, it could be used so anyone can enjoy playing dungeons and raids for the story, even if they come late.


Community’s trying to send you and Blizzard a hint here. They don’t wanna play the content with queues.


Thank you so much for AI companions! Now I can go at my own pace to explore a dungeon and really take it in, and take people along with me who don’t like pugging.

Reclaiming Gilneas sounds good to me and I’m an archaeology nerd so the archive thing sounds fun too.


“Draenei customization”
Expectation: fel scarred Man’ari customizations
Reality: 5 new hair colors

God, I hope I’m wrong.


add glyph of metamorphosis that changes its appearance to , purple to be replaced by green/fel and also, glyph of immolation aura that changes its spell animation to warlock’s hellfire spell animation, druids and warlocks got nice cosmetic stuff lately

Just hair colours like belfs unfortunately. Shouldn’t really be listed under ‘customisations’

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Say that it’s AWESOME.
I love it. Well, I love the sound of it. Will have to wait and find out how it works in reality.

The Azerothian Archive event sounds intriguing.
More storyline stuff is always nice.
Going back to Gilneas is cool. I always liked that zone. Let’s hope they DO something with it.

The rest… Meh.

One bit of annoyance… More warlock demon customization?
How about fixing the hunter pet system finally. Let us choose our pet’s spec again. Let us use all the appearances we want in the way we want it!

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So people can now blame npcs for their own mistakes. Yay

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First hot fix after the patch:
Fixed an issue where the npc hunter needed on all the gear drops :laughing:


Then I just don’t play that content at all. :grin:

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This sounds both horribly wrong and wrong.

Didn’t they already promised man’ari customization?
That was already implemented no?

If there is no fight for gilneas and we contine with the world of lovecraft, just don’t even bother please, and keep that as something unrealised in our mind. I’ve recently done the silverpine forest campaign and it’s so good. Don’t ruin your previous work

Sounds like an interesting patch! Curious about the Archives. I like Gilneas, curious about that story. AI companions for dungeons sounds great. Good stuff, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Gilneas was already given to the worgen back at the end of SL.
The remaining enemies in gilneas are only undeads not directly under control of the forsaken

Dragonflying in old world and solo access to early SL dungeons is not exactly new content.


Well, yes and no. We didn’t get the Man’ari appearances from WoD and Legion, just two simple red skin colors. No fel scarring. Hoping that’s what’s coming in 10.2.5.

Nice job omitting 75% of the additions?