In-game books, letters and items with readable texts etc

Over the course of the game, I’ve tended to hold onto various in game books, letters or items with bits of readable text that tend to have interesting lore titbits. However, I’m a bit conscious of the fact that each one these takes up a bag or bank slot as the collection grows.

With that in mind, does anyone think it would be a good idea if we got an archive tab for these items similar to the completed artifacts tab within archaeology or how the toy box functions?

I’m actually working on a concept for that exact kind of archives in an addon i am actually developing, now that 95% of the Cinematic player included in it for all expansions is done (Still have some unfinished corners in the cinematic description text and some polish to UX to do). If you have some ideas, i would like to read them.

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Once upon a time there was an addon that would “save” all the books you’ve found in the game. Sadly it was dropped a couple years ago. I would love something like in ESO, where the books, letters, etc get saved into a codex. I myself have way too many books and letters in my banks.

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