In-game Stalking

Since when is it allowed by blizzard to get stalked in-game.

The case is as followed.
4 days ago I was doing my loremaster in Eastern Plaguelands at my lvl 88 warr. It was very busy in the evening there and a random guy claimed he was doing the same quest and I stole hes golem… which I did not, because I already completed the quest. After a long story in whispers he didn’t want to admit anything was wrong and he ended on the ignore list. So far the story…

The next day I recieved 3 in-game mails where he stated that I was wrong in everything and I stole hes mob or my group did… I was not in a group nor did I steal hes mob. I didn’t wanted to pay much attention to it and moved on.

Then it started. The same evening a group of alliance players started to follow me in every zone I was doing my loremaster. Not as bad because I had WM on. But they keep corpse spawning me. Even had a guy at the spirit resser. So I had to log off.

Next day, same story, same people that stalked me, but they left other people out of the combat rage, it was only focused on me. Then I recieved multiple whispers from new made lvl 20 zandalari’s that whispt things like “I love to see you getting ganked by the monk, you deserve it” and go on.

Even with WM off, they keep following me, because the horde lowbie that stated I stole hes mob is checking in which zone I am. And then group keeps following me and kill the mobs I need. Even pulling everthing like guards and then feign death so I get aggro and dies… and this continues until today. Every evening for atleast 3 a 4 hours.

After a few tickets… blizz said I need to man up and don’t need to pay attention… like wtf… This is some serious harrasments…

So my question is, is this normal? I don’t think so, and I want that blizz is doing something about it.

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Hello Xulgosh,

On-going harassment is something which we will take action on, but you do need to report every instance of it, and be as specific as possible (as you were here on this post). Please be sure to include name of characters, server names, date and time of the incidents, and we will investigate it, and take action accordingly.

If this is still happening, please do contact our support team.

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in-game support doens’t react or respond.

And yes, it is still ongoing.

It started with < removed by Hagut >.
He is also the person who makes new characters and whisp me.

The others persons are < removed by Hagut > and < removed by Hagut > .
The last 2 times specific are 24-06-2019 between 22:00 and 01:00 CEST and Yesterday between 22:30-00:00 CEST.

Check the logs in the times, and you will notice when I died what happened.

You need to do this by ticket … you cannot name/shame people in the forums. Please edit the names out and make a ticket with times and dates so that GMs can check the logs.

On-going harassment needs to be reported by ticket, not by right-clicking and reporting in-game.

Please do contact our support team via ticket and provide all the relevant information so it can be looked into. I’m afraid via the forums we’re unable to help.

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Ticket 1, automated reaction…
Ticket 2, still unanswered…
And this is day number 5…

How many tickets you want?
because in-game you aren’t helping…

Blockquote You need to do this by ticket … you cannot name/shame people in the forums. Please edit the names out and make a ticket with times and dates so that GMs can check the logs.

Nope, then they need to learn to stop act like childs…

Naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums. I have edited your post to remove the character names/server names. If you chose to ignore the forum code of conduct and include those names, actions can be taken on your account forum privileges.

Please refer to the forum guidelines and code of conduct for more information.

As for your first ticket, I’m sorry it dealt with as you expected, but please do keep your second ticket open and it will be answered as soon as possible.

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