In light of all the nerf ret threads

Nerf Fistweaver.

:slight_smile: .


and demo and bm especially demo its straight up dumb and just as overtuned as ret which is also absolutely disgusting


Yeah all good, but this thread is dedicated to getting fistweaver nerfed to the ground. :slight_smile:

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yea f****d holy melee wings into the ground then made fistweaver stupid quality blizzard logic right there

+1 it’s the ret version of a healer atm

demo is such an obnoxious spec its crazy

too much cc and too many pets

id rather play into rets all day

Not sure why you’re mentioning that here though.

i wanted to add on to what randy wrote. I will edit my post to reflect my intention. Hope thats fine for you

Yeah it’s fine. I can’t tell you what to post and what not anyways. :joy:

I just always wonder why people derail threads by complaining about something completely differnt than what the thread is originally about. And for some reason it’s mostly something related to the class and/or specc of the thread OP. :joy:

Not specifically talking about you of course.

no thanks. did that for a week dont know if anything could be worse.
made me cancel my sub which i never did bc of changes before.

nerf fistweaver as well tho :slight_smile:

30k dps as healer check 30k hps as healer check

But tbh if ur bad as fistweaver u die awfully.

If ur good like orbre bank lontar etc u cannot see the difference but atleast bad fistweavers die.

Nerf Lock. Affli is probably “only” A tier, but Destro/Demo are definitely overtuned! Especially demo is even more faceroll than ret in my opinion.

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Fistweaver design is just fundamentally broken. Just remove it


I love when thread is about a certain class and there is always special needs travelling circus passing nearby and you see their workers popping on thread immediately always bringing other class(es?) in

It is similar to real life discussion when a person did something wrong and you point that and their response is trying to bring what someone else did to defend themselves instead of staying on topic trying to reason their actions, explain why or just plead guilty and say sorry

Edit; this mentality is what makes these forums nothing more but YoUr RaTinG iS xx barking fiesta, there is no reason to make a certain points on topic trying to share different opinion because you gonna get barked on by some dog who think he’s winning a discussion by having more internet points than you and will miss no chance to point that out

Thanks for your pointless insight. Please refer to Solidpetes post because it is on point describing your useless post. :slight_smile:

Also you can refer to my reply to Lilahuf because it also perfectly describes your waste of bytes. :joy:

But i get, you main monk and play FW and you are scared that you won’t get easy rating anymore. All good.

Agree, they didn’t nerf demo enough.

to much cc, every meele class in the game have more cc (microcc included)
if demo hasnt this cc, we cannot press one button.

At least you understand now what I think about your post. :slight_smile:

Your own class has more than enough construction sites of its own, do you really think it’s appropriate to point the finger at another instead of putting your own spec through the wringer?

As for Solidpete, he plays Warrior, he has nothing to say.

You got nothing because I don’t play monk, I just dislike people that do most damage with other nameplates!

That’s great! I don’t care though. :slight_smile:

Yes i do. Because what you do is Whataboutism. There are enough complaints about demo elsewhere and i am more than allowed to complain about fistweaver because it’s an obnoxious playstyle.

Then you play with one. Doesn’t matter.

Great! And i disregard opinions of classic characters that try to derail threads. :slight_smile:

That is obvious. So now that we both don’t care about each other, why do you care when I troll in your troll thread?

You are wrong about that. There can’t be enough complains about demo!