In search of a home!

Hello :relaxed:

This is probably a long shot, as I don’t know how many players read these forums, but I thought I’d try anyway!

I’ve just come back to the game after a long break and picked up my shaman again. I’m absolutely loving playing her, and thoroughly enjoying the expansion, but i’m finding it a bit lonely playing on my own all the time. My friends list is completely empty. I’ve searched the guild finder tool thingie and have been watching the chat in main cities, but there doesn’t seem to be any guilds looking for new members.

A wee bit about me - I’m 40 (ish) so looking for a guild with members around my own age. I’m a very casual player and work shifts so I can be online for days then vanish into thin air. My shifts are different every week so I can’t really commit to raiding, but love running dungeons with a nice group.

If anybody has room for a new friend in their guild or can recommend one that might take in a waif and stray, please let me know here, or you can find me playing on Zhara (all by myself :weary:)


Hey have u found one? I have an alt there and but can’t seem to find many players in that realm

Hiya :slight_smile:

I have - I found a guild called Midnight Wolves. They are a really nice bunch.

The realm does seem quite quiet, doesn’t it.

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