Incompetence and yet we're paying the premium


So as many of you who care about this know, the Brewfest festival got cancelled early…
With a lot of backlash, they went for the path with least resistance and extended it with one more day… for a lot of you out there this is enough and are happy to just tell blizzard, good boy! and off they go…

The truth is, they are incompetent. The original date the event was suppose to end on the 6th of October… I have not been able to log on every single but have calculated to get enough tokens by the 6th of October to purchase the mount, in case I would be the unlucky one to not get it from Coren.

Not only did they end it early, resulting in a lot of people losing one extra day because they have to go to work and just don’t have the time to be online to wait for a response of blizzard. They give us one extra day… ONE!? NO! this is not acceptable and they should take responsibility for this…

If this was a free to play game, not a problem, mistakes can be make…

This is not a free to play game… They rob you from your time and money where ever they can… And to top it off… THE GAME IS 15 YEARS OLD! How is this even possible…?

I have spoken to a GM about this and he claimed that there is nothing they can do for me and I should just complain about it on the forums.

2 weeks of dedicating myself and this is the support you get…

Thank you Blizzard!


I don’t understand peoples obsession with this mount, especially alliance players, get exalted with IF and buy a ram mount end of story.

If it where some unique mount that you couldn’t get anywhere else like a crocoslik or idk i’d understand, everyone who wanted a ram mount should have 20 by now.

I understand the hordes tho cuz they can’t get a ram mount otherwise. If it where me i would have made ram purchasable for hordes only and kodo for alliance only.

Shiro, this is not about the mount… its about complete lack of communication which is unacceptable in a paid game.

I got the ram (horde side) thanks to the extension and thanks to noticing that they extended it before going to bed yesterday late evening, however, honestly, extending it by 1 day is a complete joke.


It is not about the mount at all mate. It’s about a game that is 15 years old and yet Blizzard still hasn’t figured out how to fix it. And when you address it, they simply palm you off. If this were any other business where you pay a monthly fee and you are treated like this you would give the same response.

True that’s my problem now, still one day missing like you said. It’s just a bit more salt cause i now still can’t reach it! The support and the GM Service is extremely bad and i’m extremely dissapointed now.


Same here, I made a post myself and I will keep ringing about this as this is unacceptable that we are paying for a product where there is lack of BASIC INFORMATION on how the course of events will be progressed. Especially considering the fact that this event is 15 YEARS OLD. Not a new thing to the game, something they are doing for 15 years now.

We pay to buy the game and we pay monthly subscription, we expect the game to be complete and the communication to be top notch, with community being listened and answered in a timely manner so people are not wasting their time just to eventually be slapped in the face.

This has to be extended so people can normally complete what they’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks. Stop spitting on the community Blizzard. You couldn’t fix the barking quest for 2 days and you added to that by removing the event for all day yesterday. COME ON.


Smells of dirty diaper in here


Shiro are you just on a troll marathon? Just commenting on peoples post trying to winding people up, I think you need to get a life mate

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Slow day at the office, don’t you need to make a grp to do some dungeon attunement? It ain’t gona make itself you know.

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Just done it brah, so what else ya got?

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Dear Magaloo, thinking something and knowing something are entirely different things :slight_smile: The 1 day more you got was actually a pity move from Blizz, you just assumed it would last until October 6th.

So how where we supposed to know it was set up to run the same duration as it ran in 2007?

By assuming, so how is it right to assume 1 thing but not the other.

It’s their mistake as they accounced event would last till 6th october but it did not say it is for retail and classic would have a different duration.

To assume it will last untill 6th on both classic and retail was the most logical thing you could assume given they did not differentiate durations in their blue post.

It was a mistake from them not to be clear enough when the event was going to end in TBCC. However it was several peoples fault to assume they know when it is going to end. The thing you could have done is grind as many tokens as you can and be cautious with your spending instead of fixing strategies based on false assumptions and then crying here when poop hits the fan.

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It’s not people’s fault to make plans and assumptions when there is lack of information. People, other than playing games, have other things to do and will always make calculations and plans so they can prepare a schedule and see how much effort they have to put to get something. In this case, people made their plans but Blizzard did not deliver what they’re paid to do - 2 days barking quests were bugged and they have removed yesterday’s event and made a late night call to bring it back.


Why do you think I am posting this? There was little no information on the matter and clearly unclear communication from Blizzards part. I only know what is available to read on the page they announced, which stated the 6th. I mearly asking for blizzard to take responsibility. Their GM continu to palm me off and leave it at this. This is just bad customer service.

Since you either forgot (it was a long time ago) or didn’t play at the time, this is the same thing that happened at the time all those years ago that Brewfest ended early.

I very much enjoy that the same bugs/quirks are present in Classic, but some like yourself seem to be over reacting, a bit like Ogri’la dailies when they launched with the unstable flask bug or being unable to do bombing run bug. These are not new things present in Classic. I hope you’re doing the same complaining about them changing emotes and censoring old content.

Blizzard are a lot of things, but incompetent is not one of them.

Exactly it was a mistake from their part. Now they just have to fix their wrong. I couldn’t two poops about the mount at this point.

So youre saying making plans based on pure assumptions is a good strategy and justifies you to complain when those plans fall empty? The lack of information does not justify you to make false assumptions and claim that you were victimized by holding onto your castle of sand.

Yes people are more than welcome to do so, but once again, making those plans based on pure assumptions that later reveal to be false is not a good way to build your calculations on.

Blizzard absolutely delivered what they intended, you just made false assumptions.

Thats on them yes, but doesnt change the fact of doing false assumptions.

We are not to compare with other versions of the game. I am quoting what little information blizzard has provided. So remembering the old version is irrelevant.

They already fixed their “wrong” by adding an extra day and this time making it clear to even the dumbest of subscribers that the event will end in one day. I mean even though they lacked proper communication with the subscribers, they still were technically correct in what they did. However, even if your customers were as dumb as a rock, youd still have better time throwing them an extra bone instead of facing an outrage.

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