Incompetence and yet we're paying the premium

So youre saying making plans based on pure assumptions is a good strategy and justifies you to complain when those plans fall empty? The lack of information does not justify you to make false assumptions and claim that you were victimized by holding onto your castle of sand.

Yes people are more than welcome to do so, but once again, making those plans based on pure assumptions that later reveal to be false is not a good way to build your calculations on.

Blizzard absolutely delivered what they intended, you just made false assumptions.

Thats on them yes, but doesnt change the fact of doing false assumptions.

We are not to compare with other versions of the game. I am quoting what little information blizzard has provided. So remembering the old version is irrelevant.

They already fixed their “wrong” by adding an extra day and this time making it clear to even the dumbest of subscribers that the event will end in one day. I mean even though they lacked proper communication with the subscribers, they still were technically correct in what they did. However, even if your customers were as dumb as a rock, youd still have better time throwing them an extra bone instead of facing an outrage.

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We’re constantly left to fill in the blanks because Blizzard has taken the approach that they don’t owe us any information. When we get information or “fixes”, it’s always the minimum effort required.

Yeah they extended brewfest by 1,5 days but seriously… there were tons of threads up on the forums to have them extended beyond what we thought was the end date of the 6th because the event had been so ultra scuffed.

I 100% disagree. We’re still dealing with bugs and glitches, sometimes making the game unplayable in a 15 year old game. Brewfest was a disaster, phase 2 was riddled with bugs and btw it was on the PTR for over a month. It’s clear, WE the players are the testing department. Blizzard even shipped phase 2 with bugs like the threat resets on KT/vashj and Vashj evading back to full health anyway. Clearly there’s nobody left at the wheel that cares about the details. The “Blizzard polish” went away a long long time ago.


What are you on about, false assumptions?When you got an appointment for a job interview and they tell you to be there for 10 am you will. If they change the appointment time without telling you and as result you don’t get the job. You wouldn’t be throwing a hissyfit, you’ve been wrongly informed. That is the problem of the one on charge.

Did they somewhere announce that TBCC Brewfest would last until 6th October? AFAIK they only announced that for retail.

There are always, and I mean always, bugs and glitches. And the overwhelming vast majority are not new bugs that weren’t in the original game, and I for one enjoy the nostalgia feeling of them. If there is “clearly no one left at the wheel” then how are we playing and enjoying the game?

The Blizzard polish was never to the level you seem to be implying, anyone who played Vanilla would very much attest to it. Players are always the testing department. So many people seem to think they know how to do this and that, just because you play games doesn’t mean you know how to make/run them - things are rarely that simple, unless it’s removing emotes and censoring content, that’s a simple one that can and should be judged.

Okay well goodluck in you future endeavors. I am done talking to you. If calling people dumb who are trying to inform the gamedevelopers they made a mistake. Just articulate yourself properly.

You werent able to look past your narrow view anyway, kekw

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Stop implying, nobody mentioned the problem is the glitches and bugs. Yes it is definitely true but the fact of the matter is blizzard not even listening to this and palming things off. There is no proper way of talking to any customer service clerc. Instead you have to argue with ever keyboard worrier there is…

Ah…what? So TBC Classic should not be compared to TBC? That’s basically what you just said. In that case, what a pointless load of text you typed to start this thread. Go to retail, or New World, or FFXIV, or whatever the cool thing is to do, where I’m sure there will be nothing for you to complain about - nor to compare to.

Sure whatever dude take care

Others kind of did, which is who I was replying to, my point is this happened at the time. Why should Blizzard have any different setup to virtually every big company now who doesn’t want to hear from their customers and has a stereotypically poor customer service arrangement? They all have it, you don’t ever speak to anyone who can give you any actual answers.

To be fair, Blizzard have been doing that for over a decade.


I already said it was their fault for not communicating on a decent level. However, what many people seem to think is that its somehow Blizzards fault that they themselves went on and made false assumptions. Had those people been smart they wouldve known that they have no actual information about when the event is going to end and either:
a) grind the tokens as quickly as possible and purchase the items they want


b) accept that theyre too obsessed in making a grinding strategies for a silly world event and just not bother with the lack of available info to make a solid and profound strategy.

Just silly that people are whining here like babies for their own mistakes.

But me a 20 years subscriber now, me pay money me know how you need to do zug zug! /s

They don’t and I never said that. I am quoting this article.

This their most recent article about it. Am I wrong in assuming allegations they made here? No

The lack of the events in TBCC advertised in the article did not bother you? Or did your mind just want to cherry pick the info you wanted?

I am starting to believe that this is blizzards way of get rid of difficult topics. Just have left and right sided people keyboard warrior the crap out of eachother in a pity attempt the matter will be forgotten

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Not sure what you didn’t say from my post, but anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying they said it was going last until 6th October and it ended early, different departments posting different things etc. It was like when the migration from Vanilla Classic to TBC Classic happened and on their website it said you couldn’t carry over 2k gold, but you could carry over 5k if you set it to 4999g. Their blue poster said you could, but their website said otherwise.

It’s a fairly mute point for all it is imo, and it is frustrating for those who were grinding tokens - I was one of them at the time - but I personally would save my energy for other things they do like adding paid items to the game or censoring old content, but each to their own.