Incompetence and yet we're paying the premium

That’s why I don’t reply to him anymore. Some people are just out to argue for the sake of arguing. I am here to get my point across to blizzard. The GM’s I talk to do nothing and offer no solution.

Oh no you caught me! Ima now use my GM powers to fly away! poof!

Farewell Miro!

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Thank you, that is point I am trying to get across

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I thank to Blizzard for his recent stupids decisions they actually give me time to try new games and stopping paying for a 15y old game that works worse than 15 years ago. Same as D2 release kinda shameful. I just still loggin on forums to check how they keep making stupid decisions and getting players mad. The best way to not suffer is to change to a better game. Even private servers are working better for example on pvp than wow atm is so sadge haha.

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