Incorporeal needs to be more noticeable

It’s annoying that

  • The mobs can spawn like 40 yards behind you
  • It’s not that noticeable when they spawn (yet again, another affix that requires you to have a weakaura so you can properly play it… game design done right Blizzard)
  • and on top of that their cast only takes 5 seconds and causes such a significant impairment if you miss it in certain situations, especially when there’s two of them going off at the same time.

The cast time would be fine if you instantly knew that the mob has spawned but this isn’t the case most of the times, it needs to be more noticeable in my opinion.
In addition to that you can’t even coordinate the ccs properly because when there’s two of them, they look exactly the same which is beyond unnecessary to me.
Did nobody ever think about making them different colors or something?! Especially when the consequences of the cast going through are that huge?

I don’t think the affix itself is particularly hard to play, it’s bad design simply makes it hard to play in a stupid unnecessary way.


I don’t like it because it did breake my keys like 5 times already just today :smiley:
And it was just constant people not using their CCs or just straight ignoring them and doing dmg
then wondering why they do 0 dmg and we wiping…
I understand that this kind of Affix is not annoying that much in coordinated group
but doing this affix with pug is horrible…
cause even if they do something with incorporeal
they die on mechanics because somehow poeple in wow can’t focus on 2 things at the same time :smiley:

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Well, sometimes the cast just goes through by sheer accident. Example, freehold harpooners just joinked your priest as he was casting shackle and at the same time people are dodging the incoming rock? Without voice coms that cast that would’ve been stopped goes through.

My only real issue with the affix though is how Warrior and Death Knight both don’t really have a real way to help with the affix. In warrior’s case you probably already have to spend your interrupt in the pack and running out to stop the cast would make your DPS minus value. Stormbolt kinda halfway does the job, but again - prio stops are also in the pack and you didn’t even stop the affix. Then you got the fear, again, you got to run up to the affix to cast it and it is only a partial stop.

On the other side of the isle, the rest of the DPS spend little to no time, stopping the affix going off in good order and at range - at basically no cost (for when else would you use your hibernate/polymorf/shackle/fear/scarebeast/banish, and so on). Then it is that those CC are repeatable to boot.

So, why would you bring any of those two this whole week? You really shouldn’t. There is no merit in doing so. That is the answer.

So the visual clarity of the affix is not the true issue we should draw attention to. At least when it comes to impact weight of the affix on players.


Fun fact, sometimes i cannot trap them because there is a mob close to it that will eat it ggs

You don’t need the whole group to be able to hard CC them. You absolutely need to bear the affix in mind when building the group and selecting talents, but you don’t need everyone to be a superstar at it. Every healer has 1 hard CC (2 if paladin); if you add a warlock to this you already have 3.

That said, the other affix this week is Spiteful, which certainly isn’t doing melee specs any favors…

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They really should do something with this affix during boss fights like Asaad. We had one spawn on the other side of the room, out of our range, while we were standing in safe zone during storm aoe.
I haven’t yet done Uldaman this week, but I imagine the fourth boss has the same problem with Incorporeal during beam phase.

Edit. Now that I think about it, limiting range of Destabilize to 40 yards instead of current 100 yards could be a good solution: you can’t reach the add to cc him, and he can’t reach you with debuff.


Can they be LOS’d ?

Sometimes they even spawn out of LoS, and then it’s owww f… there’s one there too! :smiley:

I wouldnt mind a sound effect.

Problem is, why would you bring a DK or Warrior.

Sure, you don’t need everyone to be able to CC them, but it is a hell-o-lot easier to PuG when anyone can in the group. You want the best chance to succeed after all.

Basically, you bring a warrior or DK only if you don’t mind having a class that isn’t able to contribute as much. I am talking merits of bringing one. If bringing a DH brings the same DPS, yet more utility overall and it can bring down the affix? Same with a paladin. Or any of the other options. Some can even handle two spawns solo.

Warrior and DK does not have a DPS lead that is big enough that it outweighs the positives the other specs/classes brings this week.

So I sadly must recommend not bringing one DPS warrior or DK at all - if you don’t know the player is exceptional.

I agree with you. The affix is almost not existent. Increase the cast time a bit and spawn them closer (40yard maximum and at bosses to be 20). That is the only 2 things I want.

It is very bad and annoying design! I dont understand why it has to be to annoy you! It is all about to enjoy to play this game.

Incorporeal spawn behind you, Incorporeal spawn behind you 1000 miles away when you pull new pack so what? Bug? Shackled incorporeal and suddenly you dont see shark hides under incorporeal it shouldnt happen, incorporeals spawn overlap, incorporeal spawn on boss and there are many issues so please remove stupid incorporeal, thanks!

It makes me not want do M+ because of stupid affix!!!

Main problems with incorporeals are:

  • They can completely change the outcome of a bossfight, purely from RNG. Getting 2x incorporeals on Sporecaller Zancha when he is casting festering harvest for example, is a complete disaster.
  • It’s paired with Spiteful, easily adding 6-8 extra nameplates to your screen.
  • They dictate the group composition. Warriors and DKs are 100% useless against it, outside of stunning to buy another spec some time to get a longer CC off.
  • While I can help out on my Druid tank with Hibernate, it also means taking absurd amounts of damage while casting. Sometimes I have to use defensive CDs to cover myself to cast Hibernate.
  • There needs to be some sort of in-game alert or warning when they spawn. Getting a small, pink swirley 20 yards behind your back is useless. Especially on bosses like Naraxas.

The biggest offender here is still that it spawns during boss fights, which it shouldn’t.


…which is why people need to stop expecting paladin/druid(/DK depending on Blizzard’s spaghetti code battle) tanks to hard CC this affix yesterday.

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