Increase storm spawning

For the taivan acgivement, we need to do all storms, but it only ever spawns 1 storm every 2 hours now…
it used to be 2 at same time, and always one up…
can we please have more frequent storms?

1 storm active in each zone, all the time, rotating storms, would solve this.
Please, do that.

  • EDIT 2024-04-05
    Thanks for listening to the plea and increasing it to 2 at a time again

Last three have been in azure span such a bad design! Sort it out blizz


Don’t forget to submit this as an ingame suggestion, guys!
I have. Hopefully they will buff the storm frequency so this isn’t a nightmare! (Not everyone can be online at 1am a wednesday, all of a sudden, cause a storm they need is up)

Stroms are not a problem, in time we will have them all… But these chests and rare from the forbidden reach are a pain…

Both can be an issue at the same time, you know.

Nah, blizzard only knows how to work on one thing at a time, Forbidden reach first, Storm second !

To be fair, it quite often feels like they can’t even work on one thing properly… :rofl:

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Idk, you’ve had enough time to do the storms and still have 5 more weeks. No reason to increase the spawn rate

And this right here is a person unaware that people can’t no-life the game!
If you need, for example, Snowstorm in Thal; and it is up at 1am on a wednesday - A lot of people will not be able to make it, cause they have work and/or need to sleep.

No reason for you to comment if you do not understand that, and clearly; a lot of people find this way of spawning an issue.


Finally got all my done, Good luck to everyone needing a specific one annoying achievement.

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Another Azure spawn currently up.
It’s … really dumb.
Watched for 4-5 days and I sleep terrible hours, even put on alarms for certain stuff (Not storms in particular because we never know which is up at what hour).
And I am still lacking 2 storms.
I begun mega hunting it again when they announced that it was part of Taivan achievement… x_x
I hope they increase spawns…

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This achievement needs changes. The kill 200 part is fine but the RNG nature of the spawns is frankly terrible. Blizz please consider:

  1. Increasing the number of storms up at once (like pre Forbidden Reach); and/or
  2. Making the storms rotate through the zones (so never in the same zone more than once in a row)
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Or they could do each type of storm in the same zone, before moving to the next zone and doing it again.
That way you get to predict which storm will happen in which zone.

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