<Independence> (10/10N 7/10H) is recruiting

Independence, one of the longest-standing PvE guild on the realm is recruiting for Castle Nathria HC progression.

About us

Independence was established in 2007 and have been one of the best performing guilds on the realm. We achieved much together, including several RF kills (Grand Crusader, LK25HC, Nefarian, Al’Akir, Cho’gall, Sinestra, Ragnaros) and the only Immortal run on the realm. In Legion we cleared most of the mythic content as well. In BfA we took a break and now we are back in a more relaxed, HC oriented form. We aim to clear heroic content as soon as possible and –after Curve- focus more on mythic+.

Raiding hours:

  • During progression: Wed-Thur-Mon 20.00-23.00
  • Outside progression: Wed(-Thur) 20.00-23.00


  • high attendance (close to 100% to be considered for a full spot)

  • well-built gear (195ilvl, enchants and gems) and class knowledge

  • preferably at least 10/10 Normal experience in CN

  • mechanical awareness (read up on boss strategies)

  • confident English in written speech and discord usage

  • come prepared for raids (next to mechanical knowledge, consumables etc.)


  • High: mage, rogue, boomkin

  • Medium: priest, shaman

  • Exceptional players, specially if role-flexible are always welcome

More information

Weltemplar (in-game or discord: SimonNagy#5981)

Jorel (guild master), Galandia

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Goodluck guys!

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7/10 HC at the moment. Still LF boomking, rog, mage.

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