Infertile Guardians - Dragonflight

Ever since the announcement I had, but one question.

Alexstrazsa says the dragons are to be Azeroths guardians again, but why would a race that last lost so much of their power and the ability to create more of them would do such a thing and is the topic of their in-ability to procreate going to be adressed?

Where its coming from:
At the end of Dragon soul, the aspects (and their offsprings) lost a lot of their power and also the ability to lay eggs. This was confirmed (as far as I know) from outside of the game or later in quest text.

Another mention of this was in Legion in Senegos questline where it was (once again, as far as I know) further confirmed, they cannot procreate.

Basically we have a dying race, stripped of a lot of their power, with their numbers dwindling and…their idea is to become it’s main defenders? It doesn’t make any sense to me and I’d like to know what is going on with it?

P.S. Now I never thought, losing ability to lay eggs after the Dragon soul made any sense so if it’s going to get retkoned or get some really dumb/bad explanation why they are fertile again…I’m not going to be that mad about it… but there has been so many retkons and ilogical explanations that WoWs lore is loosing any credibility and I don’t want that.

Since it was some crap they threw in, they can always throw some more crap in to make the problem go away. A problem they randomly created might as well randomly get solved. Do we even know why they can’t reproduce?

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As I understood, it was the same reason why they lost their power.

They used all of the remaining power bestowed to them by titans to defeat Deathwing and as a by-product they also lost the ability to lay eggs.

I don’t know if it’s properly explained (I seriously doubt it), but If I know Blizzard writting, it would somewhere along the:
“They empowered the dragon soul with their own life-essence as well as they power as aspects. Due to that, they not only lost their power as Aspects, but also the power to procreate.”

That’s just a guess of course.

As it whas putting the aspect power into the Demon Soul and then blowing it up, they lost their power to procreate.
Because the dragonflights where created by the titans infusing their power into protodragons which makes them way more powerfull then possible but stabilizing the new body too. Without the aspect power, the raw power of the dragons would be to much for a protodragon, their will not be a new life as it would be doomed to die like a women with Hämophilie when they start their menstruation.
Ironically the Black Dragonflight is as the one who is the blame for the situation still able to procreate as they never lost their aspect power. They instead have the problem to find wyrm that could be a brood mother to increase their numbers.

Anyway my speculation about the Add-on is we will either find on the island some spare Titan power to give the aspects their aspectpower again or we find mayby some Alabasterdragonflight that is able to make dragons of any flight as they where created as the prototyp but at the cost of having any special power beside creating any kind of dragonflightdragon.

Thank your for the explanation @Kraktor

Now the losing the ability to procreate make sense and Drakthyr also works since they were created by black dragonflight and are somewhat separated from the power of the aspects, therefor can procreate (and become player characters).

One of the thoughts were similar to yours. Since the Tyrhold is powered by titan-power source, perhaps the Aspects can syphon some or it could become their “sunwell” and feed off it, to be able to lay eggs again.

Or perhaps since the Elemental dragons are the center piece of the start of the expansion, they might help in this endever.

Anyway, that’s reaching towards speculations and fan-fic which probably doesn’t belong in this section. :slight_smile:

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It weren’t just the aspects that could procreate, though. And before the titans came dragons did that part well enough. So… I’ll stick to my claim that random explanations can be randomly overthrown by new stuff. So yeah, titan power, why not. Any Macguffin will do, really.

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It never made sense to start with…In lore dragon soul that we used in cata was stolen from past, and it was put back into the past after we used it…Meaning it would be destroyed again and so on and so forth. No reason for aspects to suddenly go powerless…Even if they lost power, why would they lose the ability to procreate?

Proto dragons can lay eggs just fine, storm-dragons too, who are sentient dragons without titan blessings. On top of this ANY dragonflight who are not ‘good’ seem to be able to lay eggs just fine.

Twilight dragons can lay eggs, and they were created from red-blue-bronze-green dragon eggs…Infinite dragons can lay eggs, soooo it’s weird honestly…

In bfa we were told aspect powers were gathering back though, we basically used them to empower heart of azeroth. It could be simply that, now the power is returning to the isles we might just re-power the flights.

I just hope we will see more of the lesser flights as well, like netherwings, and other minor flights.

Since when where the the Twillight Dragons created from all flights? My last information is the twillight dragons are like the nether dragons a mutation of the black dragonflight infusing cosmic powers but for twillight void instead of nether.

Twilight dragons were created by infusing the egg of other flights with netherdragon essence. Hence why Deathwing in Dragonsoul taunts Alextrasza saying. Turning your children into my creations, and Alex replies with: They are my cluth no longer.

" The twilight dragonflight is a dragonflight created by the results of magical experiments carried out by Sintharia upon dragon eggs. Using ancient dragon artifacts and the powers of the nether dragons."

“Eager to succeed where her hated mate had failed and create a new breed of dragon that would rule the world, Sintharia used a nether dragon named Zzeraku, which she captured with a chrysalun chamber, together with two draconic artifacts, to alter several dragon eggs from various dragonflights.”

She used nether dragon essence, eggs from other flights, shards of dragon soul, and a blue dragon artifact called Balacgos’s bane. Nether itself actually bears inside all types of magic as the lore states, so infusing nether dragon essence, with relics and dragone eggs, gives you the twilight dragons.

Which are able to feed on all magic, and grow in return. Especially the magic of other dragons.

Since the non-aspect flights and black dragonflight can still lay eggs, the overarching story might be one where they set up the other dragonflights as their successors and guide them to become the guardians of Azeroth.

We don’t know if the Dracthyr can procreate, they could also take up the mantle in the lore.

Or as you say, they could just retcon it, either with ‘‘it never happened’’ or some magic mumbo jumbo restored it.

The Chromatic Dragonflight were the ones created using the blood of all the dragonflights, and Nefarian’s magic, most died in infancy, whilst we know of 2 drakes and 1 dragon.

The two drakes are Gyth and Chromitus - Gyth is killed in Blackrock Spire, whilst Chromitus (for some reason helping the black dragonflight on islands) is killable but has no defined lore.

The dragon - Chromatus, featured in a novel and is currently in some sort of inanimate state, sealed in a blue dragonflight arcane prison.

From island expeditions we know that there is a brood mother out there, one of the quest items is a pristine scale that indicates the island’s black dragons are ‘‘young’’. They also call themselves ‘‘the earth-warders’’ so perhaps they’d be amenable to helping us.

well if you look at the cinematic, that stone dude puts the becon back together, what actualy do have the same color as the dragon soul, what might indicate, it is part that gives the dragons their true powers, and that for can give it back once it was hole again.

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