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Infinite Crusade is recruiting exceptional players to join our roster in Battle For Dazal’alor. We are 8/8 HC 1/8 mythic uldir with many people experienced from older raids. We have curves going from the raid forming (whole of legion). And many of our core team are experienced well beyond that.

We are looking for dps and perhaps a tank. to join our ranks into the new raid. We have an exceptionally skilled team with great logs going strong and strict in raids over tactics. But also a lot of banter and jokes to go a long.

Raid days are wednessday/ sunday 19.30-22.30.
You can always whisper me in game @Brianbear raidleader/officer or one of our officers or guild leaders , @notamoosed, zechin or snaskottee

Hope to see you there .

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