<Infinity Loop> Raid Team Recruitment - PvP Team also available!

<Infinity Loop> are a semi-hardcore guild, made up of experienced players from across a variety of expansions who have played hardcore in retail but want to take a step back for classic as we are now older with families/jobs.

We will be raiding 2 days a week, with a possible 3rd day added in the future but aim to down all content with a laid back approach. We are now actively recruiting raiders as we approach 60 & aiming to start guild raids on 9th Oct - most likely with a few pugs to fill the last spots.

What we need:
Our DPS roster is looking strong, but we are currently looking for 2 Holy Priests & 2 Holy Paladins, with a few DPS spots available (Fury/Mage/Lock). We will consider all classes/specs & experienced players.

Raid Info:
Raiding will be Weds/Sun 7-11pm server time, all we ask is that you read up on tactics and come prepared and on time. We have many experienced players in the guild & intend to enjoy Classic rather than min-max and go “hardcore”.

Loot will be distributed via a LootCouncil, which our GM will not sit on, this is to ensure little bias in decisions, however most bias will be alleviated by our approach which aims for full transparency. The council will monitor BiS Lists for each spec and simply ensure the right people are rolling on loot, with a preference for BiS Rolls over Mainspec Upgrades. Healers and Tanks will also be prioritised in earlier content to ensure the raids are progressing smoothly. All quest items will be rolled on by everyone eligible in the raid.

Social and PvP spots are also available as we have some officers who are avid PvP players. For those who care, we have a guild tabard, active guild chat & discord all through the night. We are approaching 400 members with roughly 80 active at peak times. For more details on what is planned for PvP please contact Erosium.

/w me in game if you are interested in joining us! You can also PM any other officer (Shadowraven, Ramsikly, Callumsee, Erosium) for more details. We have an active discord to join once in the guild with more details.

Thanks for your time!