Ingame tickets being ignored


I don’t know how many players I’ve reported for cheating, botting or names which doesn’t follow the naming standards, racism and etc!
Blizzard chose to ignore them and it’s not possible to make a web ticket on “report players”

Please remind me why I should re-new my account?

(Dottie) #2

Can you prove Blizzard are ignoring them? I don’t think they are, they make a note of all cheaters and the names may not be breaking the rules or they are changed and you don’t notice.

You could just ignore them and play the game your own way.


Hey Ducatí, I can assure you that reports are not ignored but it does take time to go through reports and take the appropriate actions. If you continue to see players with names you feel don’t meet the World of Warcraft Naming Policy, continue to report them.

WIthout gametime you can continue to log into World of Warcraft, but with limited access. You can read more about those limitations here.

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