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Initium Novum has been established. A guild made of mature and experienced players, aiming for Mythic raiding in a friendly but serious atmosphere. Our members are mature, passionate and dedicated to working together to make our raiding as successful as possible.

We do cherish previous experience and the knowledge of your class, so if you can prove us that you’re a dedicated player, hungry for some progress and want to put an effort in your class, than we do not care at all about your ilvl or current progress.

As we are only a 2 night per week raiding guild we are always trying to clear the content provided, push ourselves further, and thus we expect high standards of performance, attendance and the capability of teamwork among players.

Progress - Shadowlands

Normal 10/10
Heroic 10/10

Raid Schedules

Thursday: 19:30 – 22:30
Sunday: 19:30 - 22:30

What we expect of you

The trial period starts by the moment you get an invite to the guild. this period is where the raid team officers can review your performance over a couple of weeks. If they are satisfied then we will proceed to make you a full time raid member of the team.

Attendance is the most important thing among us because we prefer a stable raid group rather than big number of players siting outside.

As a player, you are expected to know your class in depth, be up to date with boss encounters and be prepared before the raid is about to occur.

If you found yourself as a player that meets the previously stated requirements, poses a good level of fluently spoken English, a working headset combined with Discord, also a stable internet connection do not hesitate and throw us a message.

If more info is needed feel free to leave a message, or add Niall#21821, #Aurock2263, Bachje#2673

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Feel free to contact any of us, the guild is still recruiting.

We are still recruiting

Id like to take a moment to say that we are still in need of people for our roster

Could someone get in touch with me? I have me and a group of friends looking for a guild. Smurf#2400

Added you on bnet.
As for the rest, please feel free to get in touch with me through Bachje#2673, we are still recruiting.

still recruiting looking for some boomkins and other role slots still available

We are still looking for a couple of raiders. Make sure you hit us up.

11/12m ret hmu Dylan#23919

Still looking for a few people to join.
Hit me up on discord - southscream (Southss)#3674

Hit me up on discord McBride
#4795 mm hunter but can play mm or sv

Only now looking for ranged dps, full on all other roles thankyou

are you looking for an extra tank?

We are looking for the following :

Holy Paladin
Holy Priest
Resto Shaman

Range DPS


Hello all,

We are no 6/10 HC and progressing nicely, I require DPS now to bolster our ranks.

If your interested please let me know #Niall21821

now need range dps please whisper me

Heya, we’re still looking for more ranged dps to bolster our ranks. Melee shall be considered aswell so do not hesitate to add any of the following Niall#21821, #Aurock2263, Bachje#2673

Still looking for DPS:

  • Hunters
  • Warlocks
  • Demon Hunter
  • Arms Warrior
  • Enhance Shaman

do not hesitate to add any of the following Niall#21821, #Aurock2263, Bachje#2673

A holy paladin would be a most welcome asset to the team in addition to the above mentioned dps classes!

Hey there sent a fr to you guys if you would like to discuss :slight_smile: