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About Initium Novum

As this expansion draws to and end this post is mostly made for Shadowlands, ofcourse we are recruiting now and we can maybe still get some raiding in this expansion aswell as some Mythic +, all socials also welcome.

Initium Novum has been established. A guild made of mature and experienced players, aiming for Mythic raiding in a friendly but serious atmosphere. Our members are (and expected to be) experienced, mature, passionate and dedicated to working together to make our raiding as successful as possible.
We do cherish previous experience and the knowledge of your class, so if you can prove us that you’re a dedicated player, hungry for some progress and want to put an effort in your class, than we do not care at all about your ilvl or current progress.

As we are only a 2 night per week raiding guild we are always trying to clear the content provided, push ourselves further, and thus we expect high standards performance, attendance and the capability of teamwork among players.

If you’re not looking for raiding, we’re still willing to take you to our guild, just be mature, have a sense of humour and the willingness to socialise with the guildies. And yes, a fluent level of well spoken English is a must.

Raid Schedules
Currently we raid 2 days a week with an occasional farm raid on Sunday:
Thursday: 20:00 – 22:30
Sunday: 20:00 – 22:30

What we expect of you

The trial period starts by the moment you get an invite to the guild. this period is where the raid team officers can review your performance over a couple of weeks. If they are satisfied then we will proceed to make you a full time raid member of the team.

Attendance is the most important thing among us because we prefer a stable raid group rather than big number of players siting outside.

As a player, you are expected to know your class perfectly in full depth, know about any previous class changes done to your class, be up to date with boss encounters, be prepared before the raid is about to occur. Also what you’re expected, is to receive criticism if based on facts so you can maximise your performance and the output of your class.

If you found yourself as a player that meets the previously stated requirements, poses a good level of fluently spoken English, a working headset combined with Discord, also a stable internet connection do not hesitate and throw us a message.

If more info is needed feel free to leave a message, or add Niall#21821.

If you’re are applying for the raider spot in our guild, add Niall#21821 for a chat

We are still recruiting. Shoot us a msg if interested.

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