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The Warlock general tree capstone talent. Does this work in PvP? I can’t find it proccing anywhere on my damage meter either as a pet or my own damage.

imo the changed version procs more seldom now than the previous version which also were very minor but it procs other stuff occasionally when it does

but yea it always felt meh concidering as end tier talent

Interesting. So you’ve seen it proc? I tracked it over the course of an entire BG and then 3 arena games and saw it nowhere in my logs.

yes it has different naming on details now

out of my memory i think its shadowflame something but dont quote me on that i cba go test on dummy right now

it used to have 2 different names on details 2 something with wording of “blast”

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it does so little dmg that even details dosnt put it in its meters


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Thanks. I found it, it’s called “fel barrage” now. So it appears to be working.

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It’s pretty rare as you don’t cats that much, same for sp Tentacle most of the time the in 3 min game I got 0 proc and sometimes got 2-3 times in 1 mind flay.

The dmg is ridiculous just like the proc rate seems like.

Yup, seen to proc it few times, in general it accounted for less than 0.2% of, if I remember correctly around 0.14% IF it actually procced.

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Can’t remember the percentage numbers but it was called something like felblast or fel eruption.

fel barrage

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The damage numbers are the same but since the rework it deals chaos damage

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