Insane in the membrane ! Did goblins first ! Help!

So , I’ve got a question. Searching didn’t do me any good,since i cant find a definitive answer. I’'ve decided to do Insane in the Membrane achievement. At this point i already have BB at revered and rest at honored,so I’ve decided to max them out first. I still need to do Bloodsail and Raven. Since Bloodsail will reduce my rep with the goblins, do i have to grind them all over again for the insane title or it already counts as completed ? Is there anyone that did goblins first ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated !
Thanks !

You don’t need to grind them again. The achievement will keep track of what you have achieved so as long as you get each rep requirment at least once, it does not matter what you do with the reps after that.

In fact it’s actually impossible to have all the reps at the required points in the achievement all at once.

One thing to bare in mind though is that if you do Bloodsail second you may end up hated with the Goblins which means you will be at war with NCP’s in places like Booty Bay. So you might need to grind the Goblin rep a little to repair and to get back to friendly status.

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Thanks ,you’re a lifesaver ! Was whacking my brain all day long . I’ll do the cloth turn ins for the neutral later on. Well, time to go and grind those boxes .
Thank you again,for the advice !

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