Instant DC

Hi there,
This evening i was about to start leveling a level 1 warlock. I chose Exile as my starting zone.

I send a bunch of gold to this char in preparation for mount skills and bags.
But as it happens, the char was unable to move. (At that ship, where you start.) At first i thought i had lag. As i tried to keep moving i disconnected.

Now, when i try to log on, the load bar goes to full and to instant DC. I wouldn’t mind deleting and/or creating another level 1 lock, but i would like my gold at least back.

Ive tried all the suggestions such as cache, disabling addons. And so i made a ingame ticket which states at the moment of writing; 21days.

Is there any chance i could do anything else than to wait 3 weeks ?

Kind regards

I am pretty sure you already have a thread on this, using a different character…

If thats not you, well, the advice given there applies to you also.

That’s not me, and although the issue is the same. It doesnt really answer my question.

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