Character stuck on Exiled Island

I created a character and chose the Isle of Exiles as the starting zone. Immediately sent him 5 bags and 10,000 gold. After trying to access the character, I was kicked out of the server with the wow51900319 error. Moved the character “To a safe place” using the service from technical support through the site. The character has moved from the ship and, accordingly, I can no longer continue the quest chain or leave the island in any way. You won’t be able to delete the character either, because there is a letter in the mailbox. Maybe there are suggestions or has anyone come across a similar one? I already wrote a support ticket, but I doubt that it will be of any use. Thank you for your attention
It is also not allowed to use mail toys during training.

This is a known issue, existing for a long time now.

The only solution, working from memory, is for a GM to forcefully delete the character, I believe. For that you will need a ticket, not a forum post. It’s really NOT recommended to mail characters anything, until they have completed training areas, for this very reason.

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Open chat and type /run C_Tutorial.AbandonTutorialArea()

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