Instant mm nerfs?

What was the point of this previous buffs if now they nerf 4% overal. Okay 8% hp is a good thing, but the damage… I think it will be worse with this nerf than it was before the buff.
I just don’t understand why there was any need to buff at all if they are nerf after 1 week.

I don’t understand the MM nerfs aswell.

yeah its so stupid, blizz shouldve just left it like it was. I just did a few m+ and the dmg i lost to before is crazy

Do not compare to last week as we had shades to pad on.

Cuze MM op in arena ?

They’re just throwing random stuff around.

This is a huge stupidity, 4% nerf ,It is not even visible in a PVP environment. But in pve yes. so it’s not because of pvp. If you don’t know what to do with the hunters on arena, then there are big problems with you or your partner, first you should think of a solution to this rather than explaining nonsense on a forum.

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