<Insurrection> is Recruiting (H)

[H] Insurrection [11/11] is recruiting a few more players to join our Core.

The guild was born out of a high performance core looking to ditch the old leadership and to create a better raiding environment. We wanted to escape the feeling of authoritarian imposition, when the leadership in the previous guild felt they needed to guilt and threaten people to perform well and do their bidding. We believe the wish to be good at your craft should not - and cannot - be imposed by being forced or shamed into it. It must come from your own ambition, it must come from within.

Upon creation of the guild have successfully eliminated a number of toxic people and we continue to improve our community.

The aim of this guild is to be a tightly-knit community of friends who strive together to create a raiding environment in which fun, friendly vibe and great attitude are combined with high-performance, healthy competition and ambition. We want to be the vehicle that allows people to grow, improve, perform on a high level, do it voluntarily and enjoy it.

We have a number of truly spectacular players, many of us played Vanilla back in 2005-6 and have cleared a good chunk of content shortly after it was released. We’re happy to have many players who repeatedly deliver 90th, 95th and even 99th percentile performance.

Many of us are well into our 20’s and 30’s and have a drama-free, business-like attitude.

We’re looking to find a few like-minded souls to join us in our quest to constantly improve, deliver speedruns and flawless execution through BWL and beyond.

Currently, we’re looking to recruit:


  • Fury Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Restoration Shaman


  • Restoration Druid

We raid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays biweekly to better accommodate our PvP ambitions - having a number of players who take PvP seriously and are consistently improving their rank, doing 2 quick content clears followed by 12 days of PvP spec is the optimal way to go.

(We run quick Onyxia’s in PvP specs when it’s up).

If you’re interested or have any questions feel free to get in touch in-game, or on Discord:

Lastly, some quick housekeeping: there has been some frivolous effort to undermine our credibility, and though the individuals are hiding behind Retail names, we suspect we know their reasons and who they are.

I also wanted to clarify, that Kenza/Heed/Offduty (from Nucleus) and Thecrusader are two distinct individuals. Kenza was actually a major reason we abandoned Nucleus in the first place.

Thecrusader, on the other hand, we are happy to have on board. I now know him for nearly 3 months, and can say that even though he can come across as brash, he’s actually principled, dedicated, well-meaning and fair, in addition to being a good performer in raids - we are looking forward to continue working together.

Update: we have recently made the decision to part ways with Valldor and he is no longer with us.

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Why did u have my last post deleted? :frowning:
I will try again, without violating the forums code of conduct.
So what I was saying:
People that apply to this guild should know that this guild is 75% of the old Nucleus Pro core(future nr1 players) they can try to justify as much as they want that they are not nucleus pro, but the fact is they still got nucleus pro members in the leadership/top ranks. Which ofc is a good thing…hehe

Join this guild as a fury warrior and you will get BWL loot when ZG or even AQ comes out. This guild have the most loot fixated loot council on the server, with two of the most loot fixated fury warriors having a seat in it.(This is very positive for those two nr1 players :slight_smile:)
I used to raid with one of the warriors(Im not saying any names) the first couple of weeks before I left Nucleus pro, and omg he cried so hard every single time he lost loot. In one raid, my personal raiding highlight from Nucleus Pro, was when he lost an item from Ragnaros and cried and whined so much that Teferius had to pull him into another discord chat room to calm him down haha… I wonder how he calmed him down? “Just wait a bit longer then we leave and make our own guild and control loot distribution” Just a guess I have :smiley:

This above was ofc not my original post…

I didn’t.
Forum rules or something prob.

as i havent experienced anything from your guild (i wonder why) i cant say anything about it, but new guilds are always great, goodluck with your project !


be quiet kenza

bumpin for my SQUAD

merry christmas boys

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