Intangible Presence - Attumen

Does anyone have tips for dispelling the intangible presence debuff? I just cant see it even if I record the fight and check the footage later I’m not seeing the ghost. I guess voice comms only for this fight and party calls it out or stand in an appointed spot. Pugging will be impossible IMHO.
Come on Blizzard make this glow /shine or just a better visual mechanic. I’m tempted to give up on this dungeon altogether. Pointless wiping for bad visual mechanics :frowning:

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It sucks when casted on a tank or melee. Your tank and melee dudes can help you out by spreading a bit so it’s easier to see the ghost. Otherwise take your time when unsure. Better take some dot dmg then wiping the group.^^

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Just discus it before how u wanna do it.

One with it can say it , its not hard to say “me” in party chat even during fight .

Or, there js WA that does it for you, but i think everyone needs it

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there js WA that does it for you, but i think everyone needs it

http s://wago.i o/7rwqRHSCm here is a link to the weakaura. (Remove the spaces)

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I had already downloaded the weakaura which yells the dispel if they click it. I guess it helps if they do actually click albeit I think everone needs the weakaura. Ideally Blizzard should create a better visual mechanic because it sux bigtime.

I’m afraid it really is the only way to actually stand a chance on this fight…

And I hate Weakaura.

Guess I just refuse to heal this key.

And I thought Wikket is a worse fight… I mean, you want to find it within like 4 secs, target the person and dispel them, because if the wrong dispel doesn’t kill you, the mass DoT will.

We need either a heavy nerf on this - the mechanic is very punishing if you fail it, this is the sort of mechanic I’d only see in a mythic raid - or make the debuff 1 person only with a buffed aoe dot BUT no kaboom.

The maiden’s shield is veeery punishing as well even after the nerfs. You don’t break the shield, it’s a wipe.
Like wth this dungeon is a next level awful.

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