Internal Auction error

What the hell is going on here. Its becoming a joke that it takes me 4 times as long to post/cancel my auctions because of this. As someone who runs the guild bank and makes not only gold for himself, but also the G bank it is becoming almost unbearable. Im honestly questioning my life every time it happens.

I feel like im now forced to put even more time into the game for no reason.

It truly is more than just a nuisance. I just spend 45 minutes fighting with the auction house mechanics putting up Glyphs. I currently see it as some sort of endgame before quitting.

It seems to happen most likely with items that are stacked in inventory, cannot remember having it happen with single items like crafted Gems, where I post multiple in one go as well.

On a sidenote I also get errors auto-sorting my bank with the error message “couldn’t split those items”. At this point its safe to say that the game is slightly edited by moderation

This is with WOTLK Classic btw.

Soo… in my Glyph posting hour today ( approx. 750 auctions ) I tried some things to mitigate the error.

I had great success in waiting 30sec to 1min doing absolutely nothing and then I was able to post some auctions without error again. So maybe the amount of auctions one can create in a certain amount of time without the error is somehow capped ?

What is going on ?

Thanks to Miguro for bringing this to the top again:

So there is something intentional about it but people in the related threads report slowdowns and not errors? The internal auction errors at least are a problem for me, they confuse the addons/UI I use and I have to /reloadui in certain cases… I cannot simply push the post button again.

I am on a server with around 50 players at prime time remaining for my faction. There are certain individuals posting Glyphs at 60g-99g. If I put the same Glyph up at 4-5g only once they just get BO’ed and reposted so I have to post a couple to make cheap Glyphs available for the remaining real players without Inscription support. This statement is valid for almost all Glyphs. There are a lot of Glyphs ingame.

I am getting slightly annoyed.

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