Interrupt spell locked behind a specific pet

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Can someone tell me the reasoning as to why Warlocks need to summon the felhunter to have access to their spell interrupt?

None of my other characters have this handicap.

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It’s because Activision Blizzard doesnt want Warlock to be played…

Bad in all content except for Aff in raids and for keys higher than 15 where adds dont get OS.
If you pay attention more than 2mns on the class you can see not only we have a bad interrupt but almost all our spells are designed to be a disgrace and a pain to use.

Battle rez not instant like other class, only class with no movement, only class with only 1 defensive cd, 3s cast on healthstone, soulwell or gate.
THE dot spec no longer deal its damage with dots. THE burst spec deals 3 times less damage than other class and demono is officially dead since the nerf during WoD. We are tied to felhunter in all content, our tank cant take a beating and cant keep aggro.
Hunters get new pet skins every Xpac while we cant subjuge any demon created in this game. We are also the only class with a 1h cooldown spell -_-

Welcome to the brotherhood friend, take a sit in our underground and maybe illegal bar in stormwind and enjoy bleeding and burning your feet for the pleasure of “Blizzard”


Each pet brings a different type of utility, imp has a dispel, dog has purge and interrupt, felguard has stun, succubus has charm.

You win some and you lose some.

*You sacrifice some to be on equal footing with others

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Equal footing with what spec, to be exact?

Pretty much all classes?

Warlock is the only class that has to lose something to have an interrupt.


This interrupt dont count to global cooldown which make it better than any other class. You can cast interupt in half time of casting any other spell, and other spell is not interupted by your interupt. I like it to be this way.

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I am amazed by the existence of people like you. Damn.

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Why because we don’t complain about things that aren’t to be complained about?

Warlock are not in good state, except affliction, but people kindq complaining about things they should not. Please dont break my one of few advantages which is intetupt locked in certain pet.
If i would have to cast 2 seconds slightly harming chaos bolts and yet stop cast in halfway to use interupt, it would be even worse.

I guess that makes sense, I can’t personally say having a spell cast halted using counterspell has ever bothered me, maybe it’s different in arena where one spell can have a big impact.

Just find it frustrating when in Torghast for example using the blueberry and not have an interrupt, mortal coil helps even though it has a short range and long cooldown.

just sac it my man

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