Introducing KeystoneCompanion: Your Mythic+ Powerhouse!

Hey everyone! The time has come for us to release KeystoneCompanion and we are very excited about it. You might ask yourself what is KeystoneCompanion? A big shoutout to my partner @Kaelon Let me explain KeystoneCompanion is an addon made for mythic + players to both enhance and make it easier to keep track of important Foods, Runes, Potions, and flasks. We also offer easy access to both your keystone and your teams to fast and easy be able to track. We also have a sleek tooltip that shows both item levels in bags but also your equipped item level oh yes we show the whole party mythic + score. I know that it’s not an easy task for me to convince you to download an addon through a discord post, BUT I can assure you that this addon is worth giving a try. Now that I also have you on I might as well tell you some of the features that are currently present in the addon.

  • You can track the whole party’s Foods, Runes, Potions, and Flask yes it’s always up to date.

  • A very handy player tooltip that lets you see mythic + score as well as item level in bags and your equipped item level.

  • Instead of searching for the keystone portal, you will be able to simply open the UI and the portal will be available there with the current keystone level.

  • Foods, Runes, Potions, and Flasks are clickable within the UI so instead of searching for that food or flask you can simply just press the item in the UI. Ah and yes we support multiple items at once so you can easily find the consumable you need.

  • I know not everyone will have this addon downloaded so we have integrated with !Details so you can see your party’s Keystones and their level.

To open the UI simply press the Minimap icon or type /kc
If you wanna give it a try search for KeystoneCompanion on Curseforge, WoWUp or any other addon websites!

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