Introducing the World of Warcraft Classic Fall Conquest

Introducing the World of Warcraft Classic Fall Conquest

Registration is open for the World of Warcraft Classic Fall Conquest!

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Sorry for spoling, but e-sport can only be last nail in classic coffin.
Anyway, good luck good people !!!

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This is a good thing! Keeps the game alive. Doesn’t hurt anyone except retail trolls such as guy above me.

This is like Deadman Mode.

Great job!


I predict a Horde team to win this stacked with Ele shamans, Mages and Priests.

So cool! :slight_smile: Good luck all! Definetly goin to watch this one! And who cares is it Esport or not? To me this seems to be just a little accolade from our Big Daddy to ours :slight_smile:

Classic eSport. What an enormous bummer this is.

I want the opposite of this.

Can’t you come up with something fresh and more suitable for Classic instead? An AV event 40 vs 40 would be waaaaaaaaay more cool to watch and in the spirit of this game and it would finally answer the question, is the map balanced or not.

Or a pug vs pug championship. Basically any bad idea is better than this.

So a chunk of my subscription is used to turn Classic into an eSport at the expense of banning bots and other things. Thats how it feels.

How many bots can you ban for 12000USD? That’s how many extra bots this eSport thing generates.

I would prefer if you spend every cent on banning bots in Classic and use retail for eSport events.

Big bummer.

“For a few weeks it’s all hands on deck to hunt down and ban the bots. Every employee at Blizzard will participate and we have fired the eSport team from Classic”.

Something like that would get me excited.

“Hey guys I know we have crappy customer service, laggy servers and bots running wild, but here is 12000USD for an eSport event that no one asked for that is not in the spirit of Classic at all, and you paid for.”, does not.


Fix game before doing events like this.
Also I would watch a 40v40 AV event, that would be unique and fun.

40/40 AV event would be amazing!

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That lukewarm response though…

Esports and mmorpg just don’t go together, when will blizzard learn??? (hint - never)

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Still not learning huh…

Alright let me write it down.
Dear activision… There is more money to earn From ALOT of boomers and the few youngsters who like old school mmo that works propperly.
Than the new age… Pewpewlaserbeemgivemoreshiniesandgoodiessowecandoanesportwannabeeventasianflavorerd crap u put out for the last 10years.

Tip… Focus on the old style of mmo, make it work propperly.
So old boomers (yes cupcackes!!! 30/60year olds play videogames) see a reason to pay for something.
And u see the cash flow in again…

None of u businessbuggers ever learned the VERRY old saying… “Less is more”?

Also, alot of you’re paying custumors find it quite rude and anoying you take time to post crap like this, and important issues getting ignored… Just saying.


I’m not bothered if they want to do this.

BUT…do not let this get in the way of classic TBC and then classic wrath!

My sub depends on those expansion coming back.

But but…wait. How will our brave premades be able to dodge each other and farm pugs in this setup? :'D

Is there actual premades looking for competitive pvp in Classic??? The prize money is nice but is that enough?

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Yes… I was lucky to play with competitive People in the premade i was in. … And they tried to organise server premades True discord… Were all server made tere strongest team…and try to meet elchother for real games… As in A small tournament.
Perhaps not huge interest (i dunno) but defo People interested in this… Believe me mate… Most rankers dont like the farm either and cant wait for having there gear, so they can pvp! Instead farming.

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That’s a Straw man argument. No one have ever made the claim that premades are either good at the game or want competition. They are grinding ranking points for gear to have a strong character. Nothing more nothing less. And that’s totally in the spirit of this game. It’s not an eSport.

Shame EU cant face off againt NA.
A tournament realm would have been something :neutral_face:

Boring event imo.


Yawn again

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