Introducing the WoW Variety Show!

Introducing the WoW Variety Show!

The WoW Variety Show is a new live broadcast coming to a screen near you! Read on to find out what’s contained in the first-ever episode!

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A quiz game based on WoW, how boring. NA only too.

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Would’ve preferred devs over “celebrity contestants” but nice initiative! Apart from…

  • The first Variety Show is limited to players from North America.


We’ll host our own variety show with blackjack and… :eyes:


We all know who the celebs will be. Z listers like love island contestants, the losers not the winners.

The kind that think TBC means to be confirmed.

yep lost me at this point too

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It’s all about inclusion at Blizzard folks.

no EU? lost me too

Passive progressive

Blizzard: Hey lets make a community event and exclude half of the community


Guess it was nice of them to come all this way to the eu side as well so they could tell us personally that we’re not invited.


…and never allow NA players to participate. Eye for an eye and I’m done with NA-exclusive events across games and platforms that get advertised aboard.


People of the streets ?

Not sure if original reference were girls or drugs xd

Employees of Goldshire would be most appropriate for the wow setting :laughing:


People complaining its NA only … like you should thank them, they didnt forget EU forum even exists …

Month later and shamans still dont have blueberry feedback thread in DF section xD

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This will flounder like an Armadillo in a ball pit.

Expecting something I won’t turn off after 15 minutes due to risk of dying from cringe at best. Cool idea for a show created and produced by the community but I can’t hope for anything which I can look forward to coming from Blizzard knowing their track record. Niche entertainment such as m+ dungeon runs doesn’t really pay off and this has a lot of potential to backfire because I suspect it will be all about inclusivity.

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It’s going be a cringe fest mixed in with sjw, I bet.

I feel honored!