Invalid target when applying Pet treats

edit - I meant to this on my main 70
I’ve recently started Pet battling. Levelled a few to 25. Done a fair amount Pet battle quests/zones. But now I have a better idea of what pets I want to level I can’t use lesser or pet treats. I’m certain I tested a lesser pet treat a few weeks ago when i started, but for the past week or so I can’t use them.

I’ve disabled all addons, I right-click on treat in bag , I get a grey outline on cursor, I move it to the Pet journal left hand side, I get a light blue outline on cursor, left-click and it says ‘Invalid target’.
Any ideas?


It’s never worked in the journal for me.

What I have to do is summon the pet I want to apply it to, then target it, then right click the item to apply it to the pet.

Then dismiss and repeat for each pet you want to upgrade.

I managed to apply it to a summoned pet from your instruction

Why it doesn’t allow it in the Journal, hmmm.

Many thanks

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