<ION> - Semi-Hardcore - Alliance from Endless, Northdale and <Coffee Break> Classic

- Semi-Hardcore - Alliance from Endless, Northdale and Classic

About Us:
All Classic kills from Ragnaros through Kel’Thuzad
Hardcore players with real lives and jobs.
Non-elitists with a very communitive environment (Our discord is very alive)

Looking for:
Resto Shamans
Survival Hunters
Beast Mastery Hunters
*Accepting all classes and roles for competitive raid spots.

Raid Days: One 25man team + Three 10man teams
Wednesday: 8pm-12am ST
Thursday: 8pm-12am ST
Loot System: Loot Council

Understand and be able to communicate in English
2 crafting professions that will strengthen your character to the max.
At least farming/working on PreBis gear if you are new level 70. We have multiple normal/heroic teams to help makes your journey easier.
90% attendance & communication for a missed raid on the discord server.
A good attitude inside and out of the raiding environment. We have played this game for many years and do not put up with drama.

Other Information:
Raid Assignments: Google Sheets
Guild Master/Raid Leader: Snowmandream
Guild Manager: Vicomte
Melee Officer: Knifeywifey
Healing Officer: Priestiani
Caster Officer: Ir

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