Iron Docks time level 20/21

Is the timer to tight? Compared to Karazhan i find Iron Docks time needs increasing. What are your thoughts peeps? Is the issue in me?

Edit: So after doing ID level 20 on time what I can say is that the whole season 4 is broken. There is one difficulty for Lower&ID then another for Upper/GD/Workshop and the easiest 3 Streets/Gambit/Junkyard.

No. 2 things that will speed up your runs my a ton.

  • Do not screw up the wheels - and pull more thrash into it. Not just he patrols on the large square
  • Skip as much wrangler thrash as possible. Clear the entire area behind the first boss instead

Now you just saved around 5 minutes.

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Proper route is gona save u a lot of time there for sure.

Pulling more there wont help much as stars are caped at 15 targets iirc.

But yes, this dungeon has bit tighter timer tha some other . Like lower cara is harder when compared( or was pre nerf) but u could wipe 3 times and still have enough time . Same apply to GD, u wipe once in docks and its done pretty much

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It helps a load. I’m sure theres better ways to min-max this but on a 15 we:

  1. Hit 3 ogrons with the first iron star.
  2. Pulled the pack that is normally in the way of the 3rd iron star left into the second.
  3. Used the 3rd ironstar to kill the trash after that (incl the pack that you’d usually fight “normally”. As I balance druid I did this pull, they can’t catch you and you have a 200 yard runway to line them up.

At a rough guess it bought us 10% more trash for zero effort. Could be more if you min max.

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Have you tried that with pug tho ? xd

Anyway, gotta look at it when on pc, and pulling that 3(?) pack at right might be worth the hassle.

Also to Op , to save some time, when u fight trash between those crates before 2nd boss, the canon barage from last does dmg to mobs too, so if u position well, u are all safe and mobs take extra dmg.

Hes talking about buying time in keys of 20 and above, this isnt that complicated.

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Are there videos about how to do the pulls with the iron stars? I tried to find something but am not really succesfull. We got heavy problems with it.

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